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13 Soldiers Die in Central African Republic Defending a Dictatorship

By Sinethemba Mandyoli    26-Mar-2013 16:47 UTC+02:00 1

During the Arab spring many governments put their logistical support to the rebels and now that the Central African Republic is having a revolt our very own South Africa chooses to side with the regime. Unfortunately in the late hours of march 25, we received reports from CAR that 13 SANDF soldiers were killed by marching 3000 rebel armies. More than two dozens were wounded and one person was unaccounted for. We ask ourselves whose war did our brothers die fighting? What is South Africa’s interest in keeping regimes in our African countries?

Unfortunately answers to these questions will lead you back to what happened about a year ago in Tripoli, Tunis, and even Cairo. In all these regime changes South Africa never physically played part except giving a group of paid-assassins that led to the capture and killing of Gadhafi. Now the Dictator of that country had already fled but South African soldiers under the command of Jacob Zuma felt it necessary to lock heads with the freedom fighters of CAR.

The death of our brothers and sisters cannot be left unanswered. The minister of defence and the president should provide a clear report as to why our soldiers are basing in that country? What makes CAR’s situation unique to the other three I mentioned?


Sinethemba Mandyoli


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