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2014 FIFA World Cup – Germany Gives Portugal Plenty to Worry About

By Robert    16-Jun-2014 20:26 UTC+02:00
Photocred: FIFA

Photocred: FIFA

Germany has made the road ahead a tricky one for the men from Portugal with a 4-0 final score that few, if any, could have predicted to be the outcome.

Both of the two teams have been plagued with injuries over the months leading up to the FIFA World Cup. Germany lost Mario Gomez, Marcel Schmeizer, and Marco Reus. Mezut Özil has fortunately just returned from injury for Germany. For Portugal, the main concern is whether or not their talisman, superstar striker Christiano Ronaldo, will be able to see out the World Cup. He is currently plagued with muscle injury and tendonitis in his left knee, which are constantly threatening to cause a forced withdrawal for him.

Germany went into this match with arguably the most successful World Cup record of any team, having lifted the trophy three times, four second place finishes and four third place finishes. They have also never been knocked out before the quarterfinals.

Both teams went into this match with a lot at stake, due to the other teams in group G, The United States and Ghana, being tough competition. Thus, neither of the two sides could have afforded an unfavourable goal-difference or a lack of points. Both sides would have been desperate to get off to a good start, as this match will most likely dictate who will finish top of their group.

The match, however went in favour of the Germans, who came out on top in their 100th FIFA World Cup game. This came about through a much-deserved hat-trick from Golden Boot winner, Thomas Müller. Müller converted an 11th minute penalty and two other goals, and Mats Hummels, who scored a brilliant header from a corner.

This is the first time that Portugal have ever conceded four goals in a World Cup match, however the result is hardly surprising, as it is the third World Cup in a row where Germany have scored four goals or more in their opening encounter.

Drama struck by means of Pepe, who headbutted Müller and consequently received a red card in the 38th minute, leaving Portugal to defend the German onslaught with only ten men. This is also not the first time he has received punishment for this act, as he received a ten match suspension for headbutting an opponent.

This result has certainly created an unstable road ahead for the Portuguese and the Germans have placed themselves on the opposite side of the spectrum, with almost the best result imaginable.


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