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4 Areas of Automation for 2019

By Nelly Mkhize    29-Jan-2019 17:42 UTC+02:00

Automation has the power to transform your business for the better. Companies of all sizes can now automate various processes across their operations to create a more efficient, productive and profitable venture. As a result, they can compete with larger industry rivals and ensure their long-term growth.

If you want to boost your revenue and reach every business goal set for the year ahead, consider the following four areas of automation for 2019.

1. Lead Tracking & Nurturing

With so many competitors in the marketplace, you must start competing for every possible lead. To effectively do so, you’ll need to nurture every lead to convince them to buy from your business.

Sadly, manual lead tracking can seem almost impossible, as it requires a considerable amount of time and hard work. It therefore makes perfect sense to automate lead tracking and nurturing.

For example, an automated lead nurturing campaign relies on data gathered from a user’s onsite behavior. It can then help you to refine your marketing and communication efforts by delivering both targeted and timely information to a potential customer to push them along the sales funnel.

2. Email Marketing

While many lead nurturing programs or CRMs allow companies to set-up a rule-based email campaign, it is wise to invest in a separate email marketing solution to take advantage of a platform’s many innovative features.

For example, a dependable email marketing tool will often allow you to send:

  • Welcome emails to new subscribers
  • Thank you emails for a recent purchase
  • Mid-funnel content to various leads (such as an e-book or case study)
  • An abandoned shopping cart notification (remind customers to complete an order)
  • An upsell message series (a series of emails based on a past purchase, such as upgrading a product or buying items to complement a recent order)

3. HR Tasks

It’s easy for your HR team to feel bogged down when faced with a seemingly endless array of administrative tasks to perform. However, you can simplify your operations with a HR portal that offers automated workflows, which can speed up internal processes and decrease human error.

Saving time will also save your business money, as your team can then focus on other aspects of the business, such as organizing additional training for your staff, reviewing health and safety protocols, and refining the recruitment process. Find out more about the innovative portal at

4. Social Media

Almost every modern business has at least one social media account, which allows them to engage with their target market, compete with their industry rivals, and boost their brand awareness. However, enjoying success across multiple platforms can often seem like a difficult feat, as it can require a great deal of time and effort.

To boost your brand’s visibility across various platforms in 2019, consider social media automation. The right tools will allow your business to schedule social media posts, quickly respond to messages and mentions, discover influencers, and accurately review analytics to tweak your campaigns to enjoy greater reach and engagement.

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