4 Tips That will help you start your beauty blog

By Victoriia Voloshyna     01-Sep-2017 17:29 UTC+02:00

Some things you must know before starting a beauty blog

In case you’ve decided to start a beauty blog and think that it’s super easy, you are gravely mistaken. Blogging is not like essay writing you may got used to after all those student years, but it’s definitely not the easiest thing to do. So before you start a blog, ask yourself questions like do you know about the laws that govern the blogosphere or what a successful blog must look like or how to make it not simply interesting, but also popular?

Every blogger, sooner or later in his or her blogging career, encountered many issues. What to write about? Where to get information for all the posts? How to promote a blog? How should your money be invested and should they be invested in the first place? When creating a beauty blog, you must clearly understand what you are ready to do for this, what kind of investment you are ready to make. In your case, it’s money, patience and time.

Whether you want it or not, beauty blog is not only about your knowledge of beauty industry products and your writing skills. To become a successful beauty blogger, you will also need to get familiar with all the technical aspects of the matter. In other words, if words like HTML code, CMS, domain, hosting and SEO mean nothing to you, you have to start educating yourself or prepare for failure.

You will always have to remember that your blog content must be original. Everyone knows that there are thousands of beauty bloggers, but only a few of those who are popular. If you want to make yourself known and if you hope to get those invitations to beauty industry events and press tours, you have to create your personal unique style. You have a lot to share? Your opinion is well-grounded and different from others? You have the ability to look at things from all viewpoints? Great! Then you have your beauty blogger starter package.

What you will write about depends on your personal strengths and preferences. Do you feel like mass market products is your cup of tea? Wonderful. But don’t count on them sending you samples of new premium class products. In any case, never be shy to find new contacts, get in touch with beauty companies’ PR specialists and make friends with them. If you are only starting your blogging career, you’ve got to have at least ten materials on various topics ready for posting. Needless to say, some good writing is required: the more interesting your materials are, the more readers you’ll get. You have to admit that there’s nothing appealing about writing a hundredth post about products a certain brand has put in its beauty box. Besides, don’t forget that you have to be responsible and update your blog regularly.

1. Your nickname

Your nickname must be easy to remember, so that any user could easily find it using a search engine. No need to create complex combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Silly nickname like “FluffyKitty999” won’t attract a lot of dedicated followers. Your nickname must help your reader trust you and show that you are a professional and a level-headed person who knows what common sense is.The best option would be to use your own name.

2. Blog design

There’s no need to get too creative. No pileup of elements, no large palette of all kinds of colors. It would be better to choose a simple blog skin with neutral color palette that won’t distract your followers from reading.

3. Content

The first and foremost thing your followers will be interested in is interesting and reasonable opinions on new cosmetic products and honest reviews. Emphasize your professional position, use quality photos and don’t be shy to write about budget-oriented products and home-made beauty recipes. Never try to advertise a product you know little or nothing of. Remember that your users’ trust is much more valuable than money or benefits some companies may offer for advertising their products.

After your blog gains more popularity, you can invite consultants and beauty experts to give their professional opinions on different aspects of the beauty industry or products.

Invest a lot of time and effort into improving writing skills, but don’t forget about the quality of visual materials (photo and video).

4. Promotion

Read other beauty blogs every day, and invite their owners to visit yours and leave comments on your posts. Share your experience in comments to other blogs, ask questions. You can also enhance your audience by promoting your blog in social networks where you can find lots of like-minded users and people interested in what you have to say.

And last, but not the least, remember that your beauty blog is your personal work and effort. It’s not like you can use an essay service and rest assured your work will be done for you. This is where you have to invest a lot of your own time and personal effort to make it work.

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