67-year Old Granny Stabbed to Death

By Bongeka    30-Mar-2013 20:22 UTC+02:00 1

PoliceA 67-year-old granny from Msiyane in Jozini was found dead in her house last week, with a large stab wound through the chest, into her heart.

Due to the currently rampant rapes of the elderly, it is suspected that she was first raped before being brutally murdered. However, when her body was found, it had started to decompose, making it hard to find any evidence of rape.

Mrs Lephied Ngobese had not been seen by anyone for six days when her body was found. Her best friend, Ms Senamile Mngomezulu, said she last spoke to her on the 10th of March. She told her that burglars had broken into her house and stolen her money (R1 000).

A few days later the burglars returned but found no one. She told Ms Mngomezulu that if they return again, it means they’ll be back to kill her. Unfortunately, she was right. Her killers left her wrapped in a blanket, with her knees bent up, which strengthened the suspicion that she may have been raped before being stabbed to death.

Mrs Ngobese was living alone as all her children had passed away. She left behind her 10-year-old grandson- born to her late daughter. No arrests have been made. The police are still investigating.


  1. The Editor says:

    It’s so sad to see people doing such horrible things in our beautiful country. I’m thinking of becoming a policeman, a good one.

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