A Guide To Setting Up A Home Office

By Steve Conway    27-Mar-2019 23:49 UTC+02:00

The rise of remote working in recent times means that an increasing number of people are working from home, whether this is a freelance or a full-time position that enables them to work from home. Additionally, many people find it beneficial to have a home office that provides them with space where they can go to be productive and away from distractions. It can be challenging to set up a home office, and there are a few issues that you will need to consider. Read on for a few tips which should help you to set up the perfect home office.

Quiet Location

The most important decision is where to set up your home office. It will depend entirely on the amount of space and layout of your house, but ideally, it will be somewhere quiet, away from distraction and somewhere with enough space and natural light. Spare bedrooms, basements, and attic spaces are all excellent options. It is vital that you are able to separate this room from your home, so it is best to avoid the office being near busy areas like the kitchen or living room.


A good home office will have everything that you need to work comfortably. It will vary depending on your job and what the office is used for, but it is likely to include:

  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Phone
  • Filing system

This equipment can be expensive, but you could reduce costs by purchasing second-hand or refurbished equipment. Additionally, you can shop around online to find the best price on supplies like ink cartridges and find handy information such as how to change the empty cartridges. It will help you to keep the home office running smoothly at all times.


It is important that the space is attractive and welcoming so that you can feel comfortable. Equally, it should not be too distracting, so you need to be careful when it comes to decorating. It is a good idea to use a neutral color scheme and to add color and visual interest through artwork, plant life, and personal items.

You should also maximize natural light especially if you will be spending long periods of time working in the office and have sufficient artificial lighting if you will be working once the sun goes down.

Neat & Tidy

It is impossible to be productive in an office space if it is cluttered and unclean. This is why you need to have storage solutions in place and to tidy and clean the office regularly. Make this a priority, and it will help you to maintain a clean, organized and attractive space which will help you to work to the best of your abilities.

More and more people are setting up offices in their home with the rise of remote working, but setting up a home office where you can work hard and be productive is challenging. It needs to be a suitable space and somewhere that you can separate from your home life and the above information should help you to achieve this.

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