A slight sigh of relief for consumers as the petrol price decreases

By Nolwazi Dlamini    25-Apr-2013 23:09 UTC+02:00

petrolOver the past few months, consumers have suffered a strain within their finances due to the constant roller-coaster ride, of the rise and fall of petrol prices. Consumers will be relieved to know that there has been an expected decrease of 64c per litre from the current price of R13.20 per litre.

The head of strategic research: global makets at Nedbank capital, Mohammad Nalla, reported that the decrease is due to the possibility over lower global oil prices, as well as the fact that the price of, Brent crude oil, has gone down to at least 9% for the month.

The rand is also known to be playing a role in the decline of the petrol price. The weaker it is, the more it compromises the consumers financial stability, as petrol is not the only thing that has been forcing consumers to dig deep in their pockets. Other influxes such as electricity, municipal rates etc, are not making life any easier.

So consumers are advised to strap themselves tightly this year and not relax but stay alert and be prepared for the rise and fall of the S.A Economy.

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