Accused Testifies in Satanic Ritual Case

By PAW    10-Oct-2013 20:16 UTC+02:00

Linden Wagner was allegedly the mastermind behind the satanic ritual which left Kirsty Theologo dead and her friend with horrendous scars. The trial of Wagner and friends continues at the South Gauteng High Court. Harvey Isha, Courtney Daniels and Robin Harwood share the dock with Linden Wagner as the accused in this trial. Two others were accused in this case decided to confess their guilt and not go to trial. After their confessions, Jeremy King and Lester Moody were each sentenced to 17 years in prison. The court was generous and suspended five years of each sentence.

Two years ago, Kirsty Theologo and her friend were lured to a small hill in the suburb of Linmeyer in Johannesburg. The girls went along with the accused not knowing that they were headed to the place where they would be brutally killed a short while later. The climax of the satanic ritual involved dousing the victims in petrol and setting them alight.

According to media reports this Thursday, Linden Wagner testified that there was a discussion about having sex with the girls before killing them. Wagner said that one of the convicted murderers, Lester Moody, had made the suggestion. Wagner testified that rape was never an option; only sex was discussed but ultimately, that did not happen.

While under oath, Wagner explained that Kirsty had asked them why they were dressed in black and told them that she also wanted to wear something black. At that time, Kirsty and her friend were certain that they were only going to the hill to drink alcohol.

When Wagner started giving details about the actual murder, Kirsty’s mother was overcome with emotion. Kirsty was hit on the head with a rock at least three times but miraculously, she was still alive. She regained consciousness while her attackers were in the middle of the ritual. Her attackers had cut themselves and were spilling their blood in a fire. At this time, Wagner had already strangled Theologo’s friend.

When Kirsty stood up, Wagner poured petrol all over her and began searching for a lighter. Kirsty Theologo was set alight just after uttering that she thought her attackers were her friends.

The trial continues.

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