Agang SA Bought EFF Members – Ndlozi

By Staff Writer    26-Sep-2013 20:16 UTC+02:00 1

According to media reports, Julius Malema’s new political party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has lost about 300 members to Dr Mamphele Ramphele’s Agang SA since it was founded. On Wednesday, about 15 regional leaders and 10 sub-regional leaders in Gauteng left the party, the Timeslive reported.

EFF Gauteng leaders Pule Matshitshe (provincial organiser) and Nozi Poswayo (provincial co-ordinator) are among the members who dumped EFF for Agang SA. Reasons for their departure are unknown. However, according to Independent Online, Matshitshe’s media statement intimated the presence of backstabbing, back-biting and factionalism within the EFF.

On Wednesday EFF National Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi released a statement on the members who defected to Agang SA. He accused Agang SA of buying them. He said the members who left EFF “defected because they were promised payments for the work they will do in AgangSA”. “This means they were bought by Dr. Mamphele Ramphele with the money she got from the sweat and blood of Mineworkers and our Mineral resources taken the fortunes she makes of shares from mining companies,” he said.

On Thursday Agang SA responded to EFF’s claims. “The wild, unsubstantiated claims reflect the unfortunate tendency in our country to substitute insults for debate; and to drag down political discourse to levels at which the likes of the EFF are comfortable participating – including character assassinations and insults. For the record, the new members, including 15 senior members in Gauteng, left the EFF because of its unrealistic policies they felt would take the country nowhere.”

A month ago controversial businessman Kenny Kunene also left EFF, saying his popularity in society was intimidating some members within the party. According to Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the members who have left the EFF constitute less than 1% of the members the party has in Gauteng.


  1. Winny Khomza Molongwani says:

    Its time for change its time for a better SOUTH AFRICA since 2004 SA became a power,poligamy dominated country. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF. Lets give malema a chance and change to great opportunities…lets change to hope and make SOUTH AFRICA a better country….our ledgends NELSON MANDELA,OLIVER TAMBO,PETER MOKABA etc they all fought for nothing until 2004….SOUTH AFRICA has been wrongly leaded……VIVA EFF VIVA ITS OUR TIME FOR CHANGE

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