I agree with Hellen Zille, R250 million to upgrade Zuma’s homestead is too much

By Thandi    04-Nov-2012 17:02 UTC+02:00 3

Zuma’s Nkandla homestead. This is a perfect home. It looks like a nice lodge. Upgrading it with R250 million is abuse of state funds.

As much as I am a member of the ANC, I respect Hellen Zille for standing up for the truth. South Africa is currently facing a high rate of unemployment and poverty. Many students are struggling to pay for education at tertiary institutions while others cannot even afford food. To spend R250 million upgrading Zuma’s homestead is crazy. Zuma must use his own money.

It irks me hearing people using silly excuses to support Zuma. They say Zille’s Nkandla visit is reminiscent of the apartheid era. This is nonsense. Just because we are black and free doesn’t mean we have a right to commit fraud in broad daylight without being questioned about it.

As a public, we have a right to know where all this money will go. Perhaps the government should issue a tender and see if no company would be able to do the required services for R10 million. R250 million is too much.


  1. Diane says:

    This is absurd!!!

  2. Nonsense says:

    That money could be used to build over 2000 homes!

  3. Thabile says:

    the money must be used in students who want to study at higher education..it should be given to those who didnt qualify for NSFAS and Busaries…especially in rural schools becouse theres lack of knowledge about how to apply for NSFAS

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