American Pie: Reunion

By Guest Author    04-May-2012 16:24 UTC+02:00


It seems like this movie was created just to remind us which actors were in the original American Pie movies. Although it is enjoyable, it is not as funny as the previous movies. Perhaps it is because it is not that different from them. However, it is nice to see all members of the original cast reunite. They have all grown up but the way they look hasn’t changed much.

Michelle and Jim are now married and have a son. They seem to be drifting apart at the beginning of the movie. At the reunion they rekindle their romance.

Oz is dating a supermodel (Mia) but is not happy. While at the lake with his friends, he sees his ex-girlfriend (Heather) walking along the sand with her new boyfriend (Dr Ron, a heart surgeon) and realizes that he still has feelings for her. Heather also feels the same way about him. They get back together at the reunion.

Kevin is married and works from home as an Architect. At the reunion he meets Vicky, her ex-girlfriend. Although they still have feelings for each other, nothing happens between them. Kevin chooses to remain faithful to his wife, Ellie.

Finch arrives in style in a motorbike that he won betting on a world cup in Argentina. Apparently he has been traveling the world and living an adventurous life. At Stifler’s party, police arrive and arrest him for stealing a motorbike. He later admits that he ‘borrowed’ it from his boss after he failed to give him a raise that he had been promised.

The original American Pie movies end with Finch having sex with Stifler’s mom. This time around the wheels have turned. Towards the end of the movie Stifler is unhappy. He says, “Everyone is getting laid but me”. Suddenly Finch’s mom arrives looking for Finch. She and Stifler are immediately attracted to each other. They then go out and have sex in the football field whilst John and Justin watch them.

At the end of the movie Oz, Stifler, Jim, Kevin and Finch are having drinks at a cafe. They agree to meet every year, which may be a hint that we can expect more American Pie movies in the near future. Stifler lets it slip that he had sex with Finch’s mom but they didn’t hear him so they asked, “What? What was that?”Before he could repeat what he said, the movie ended.

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