ANC is African National Criminals: Malema

By Oliver Ngwenya    06-Apr-2014 21:57 UTC+02:00 3
Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema

Malema says Mandela’s ANC died with him.

It may have taken several hours but it finally happened on Sunday afternoon. They had waited for him since morning and even had to run around the streets singing praise songs and castigating the opposition much to the amusement of the other residents to while up the time.

Tshepo, one of those waiting for him summarized what all of the more than a hundred supporters who were toy-toying in the streets of Kliptown in Soweto anticipated. He wanted to hear what changes Malema would bring to the township and if he would offer them any jobs. This is what preceded the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema to the rally organized by his party in the impoverished township of Kliptown, south of Johannesburg on Sunday.

When he finally took to the stage, Julius Malema’s message was both electric and very revolutionary. He told his supporters that the real ANC had been buried with Nelson Mandela, well known former inmate of Robben Island who is the first democratically elected president of South Africa. He passed away in December, 2013 and was mourned by the whole country. Malema went on to add that the current ANC is Jacob Zuma’s ‘African National Criminals’. The EFF leader went on to inform the attendees of the rally that the struggle for political independence had started in the poor township of Kliptown and it was fitting for the struggle for economic independence to start there as well.

To ululating and loud jubilation, Malema told supporters that if anyone wanted to see what poverty was, they only had to visit Kliptown. He further pointed out that despite the fact that at independence, the people had been promised ‘a better life for all’, the people of Kliptown had no better life to show if the neighboring Orlando had roads and they did not. The presidential hopeful of the new party urged the listeners to vote them into power and if they did not perform as expected, they could kick them out after five years and not wait twenty years.

The red brigade had called the rally to introduce its premier candidate for Gauteng, Advocate Dali Mpofu who was described as a humble man who had grown up in politics and still lived with ordinary people. Advocate Mpofu is the same man who has represented the relatives of the miners who were killed during the Marikana shooting in August, 2012.

Malema also made reference to the petrol bombing of the tent that had been set up for the EFF rally in Thokoza. He told the attendance to the rally that if they were nobodies, nobody would have worried about them. He added that it was the work of the ANC and that his party would not be silenced. He urged the listeners to pray for the ANC as they were sick. However, the ANC spokesman, Jackson Mthembu refuted the accusation calling it unfair and going on to say that his party did not do such things.


  1. $32798027 says:

    If anyone really wants to see what poverty is, then vote EFF. They will find out the hard way.


    Correct Judas , you have sour grapes because you were kicked off the gravy train and all your loot has been taken back . Any idiot who votes EFF is already impoverished ,deprived of any mental capability .


    KFC is in for competition , JM’S fried heads and feet ,chefs special a Poepoxl burger ….

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