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ANC Against DA’s Call for the Reinstatement of Fraud Charges Against Two ANC Members

By Mvusi Ngubane    09-May-2013 21:17 UTC+02:00

The National Prosecuting Authority is currently being undermined by the DA – according to a statement by the ANC on Tuesday. This follows the Democratic Alliance’s attempt to reinstate charges of fraud and racketeering laid against two senior ANC members.

ANC spokesperson, Senzo Mkhize, insists that the NPA had dropped the charges against KwaZulu-Natal legislature speaker, Peggy Nkonyeni and MEC of economic development, Mike Mabuyakhulu as a result of thorough assessment of available evidence and consulted witnesses.

“What is worrying about the DA’s move is that it forms part of what seems so be a well-calculated attempt by the party to undermine our constitutionally formed government institutions, such as the NPA,” Mkhize stated.

Mkhize went on to state that the NPA made it clear the charges could not be sustained in court against the accused during the trial.

The NPA has 15 days to reply to an inquiry submitted by the Democratic Alliance. The inquiry which was filed at the Pietermaritzburg High Court seeks reasons as to why the corruption and racketeering charges against Nkonyeni and Mabuyakhulu were withdrawn.

Mkhize insists the suggestion that the charges were dropped as a result of political interference is absurd.

“The DA and other political parties should know that the NPA as an institution does not bow to political pressure, as that would be unlawful,” he defended.

According to an Independent Online news piece published earlier this week, last year saw charges against Nkonyeni, Mabuyakhulu and four others withdrawn in the Durban High Court in November.

The success of the DA’s application would result in the court reconsidering the case, providing there is sufficient evidence against the accused.

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