ANC Denies Being Barred From Visiting Mandela

By Ntokozo Sindane    10-Jun-2013 21:35 UTC+02:00
The ANC says that it has not been barred from seeing Nelson Mandela. – image -

The ANC says that it has not been barred from seeing Nelson Mandela. – image –

Former President Nelson Mandela is still in the intensive care unit of the Pretoria hospital where he was admitted on Saturday morning. Since his admission, journalists have turned the area outside the hospital into a broadcasting zone. The media has spent the past three nights in the brutal winter cold waiting to hear any news about Madiba’s condition.

Many social network subscribers have blasted media personnel as being ‘inhumane’ for wanting to be the first ones to publish the story should the elderly Mandela give in to his recurring lung condition.

According to news reports, the area surrounding the hospital looks like a campsite lined with tents and generators. There are two entrances to the hospital where it is believed that Nelson Mandela has been admitted. Both these entrances are currently controlled by additional security guards to make sure that none of the local and international journalists and photographers can get a closer look at the scene inside the hospital.

Mac Maharaj, spokesperson for the presidency, has denied the media report that the ANC and government leaders have been barred by the Mandela family from visiting the former president. He said: “I’ve read that report and it has no single source it attributes to, except three unnamed sources.”

He explained that the restrictions around visiting Mandela are standard procedure for someone who is receiving intensive care. The restrictions help minimize the spread of germs in what should be a sterile environment for the speedy recovery of patients.

Maharaj added that President Jacob Zuma will “visit at the appropriate time”. At present, Zuma would like the medical experts to have every opportunity to focus their attention on treating the ailing Mandela.

Nelson Mandela’s condition remains serious yet stable and unchanged. Prayers for the Mandela family continue to come from all over the world.

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