ANC Welcomes ‘Guptagate’ Debate

By Ntokozo Sindane    09-May-2013 19:29 UTC+02:00
This is the entrance to the Waterkloof Air Force Base, where ‘Guptagate’ unfolded. – image –

This is the entrance to the Waterkloof Air Force Base, where ‘Guptagate’ unfolded. – image –

A press conference that was meant to provide a brief about the India-Africa Festival turned into a question and answer session about the Gupta wedding scandal. Virendra Gupta faced a torrent of questions from reporters about the details of the landing of the plane carrying wedding guests at the Waterkloof Air Force Base which is reserved for national matters. Virendra Gupta is the Indian High Commissioner.

Instead of using a commercial airport, the Guptas insist they applied for authorisation to land at the restricted air force base because some of the wedding guests were foreign government ministers. The Guptas wanted to ensure the safety and security of everyone who attended the glitzy wedding in Sun City. This explains the police escort from the base to the resort.

Virendra Gupta was not expecting the diversion from the subject of the India-Africa Festival to that of ‘Guptagate’. Eye Witness News reported that he was particularly upset when one of the reporters asked if the participants of the festival also had permission to land at the national facility.

South Africans were offended and felt undermined by the Guptas and whoever granted them the permission to land at Waterkloof Air Force Base. The citizens of the republic demand names and answers. In response, the ANC will discuss the Gupta scandal in parliament.

According to News24, the “open and transparent” debate is scheduled to commence early next month. ANC spokesperson for Mathole Matshekga, Moloto Mothapo, reiterated that parliament has no choice but to debate the Gupta issue and provide the public with answers.

He said that the ANC considered the parliamentary programme before suggesting 4 to 7 June as ideal for this discussion. Mothapo added that: “It is also envisaged that the government investigation into this matter would have been concluded by that time.”

The DA is satisfied with this date and is eager for President Jacob Zuma to avail himself for the debate. The DA feels that the president can shed some light into ‘Guptagate’. The opposition party has still not forgotten ‘Nkandlagate’ but for now, all eyes are on the upcoming ‘Guptagate’ debate.

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