Anti-corruption Unit Might Not Reduce Fraud and Corruption within the SAPS

By Staff Writer    14-Jul-2013 16:33 UTC+02:00 1

On Thursday, at the launch of the Free State Province Crime Prevention Strategy, South African Police Service (SAPS) National Commissioner, General Riah Phiyega announced that an anti-corruption unit aimed at uprooting fraud and corruption within the SAPS would be launched soon. She said: “If we are to successfully fight crime in the country, we must first get our house in order. We must fight crime with clean hands. We will therefore not shy away from taking action against our own. We will certainly do it with boldness.” According to Phiyega, the unit will start operating this financial year.

Fraud and corruption are believed to be rife within the SAPS. A recent survey showed that the public generally perceives the SAPS to be corrupt. However, it is not only within the SAPS where fraud and corruption are a problem. They are present in all sectors of society and public service. Many public officials are known to accept bribes, e.g. traffic police, licence testing officials, etc. Health practitioners and other professionals are also known to defraud medical aid and insurance companies. An article published on Friday indicates that corruption has become a major culture in South Africa. According to the article, South African citizens “are no longer suprised by it”.

The inception of the SAPS anti-corruption unit is a good move by the government. However, the unit might not significantly reduce fraud and corruption as expected. In the near future it is very likely that there will be corruption within the unit itself. Corruption usually doesn’t emanate from public officials. Society is the main source of corruption. Therefore, as long as law enforcement officials are still in contact with members of society, there will be corruption. The government is very lenient when it comes to prosecuting bribers. Implementing harsher sentences for members of society who induce public officials to commit fraud and corruption is one of the strategies the government should take into consideration.


  1. siraj says:

    What is the role the Society? To protect the client’s rights or protect the Attorneys out of the way or by all means? But in reality or authentic manner “ a fox/jackal can’t guard the chicken” The Fidelity fund controlled by the same Society than they have protect the Attorneys in order to save the fund . On the other hand if any one complaint against any Doctor to the Medical Council how does it work? The Medical Council usually arrange a hearing with many members of the Council/Committee which consist very reputable Specialist/Prof of every disciplines (Surgery Gynae, Medicine—etc) and the plaintiff Doctor would have legal representation MPS (Medical Protection Society, which is an independent authority as the Fidelity fund supposed to have similar structure)
    This is a set up game of cheating (between the Society and Attorneys) against 52 million population (clients) which is indeed criminal in nature and encourage almost 99% Attorneys to be corrupt or take away the rights of clients.
    Last 22 years I did lodge almost 30 complaints against Attorneys with concrete evidences to the Society but I found somehow the Society make/ declare them innocence. I am surprise that no one is taking action against the funny Society and it seems it is also open secrete & known by every Attorneys as well.

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