APLAMVA hosted Poqo cultural evening at CPUT Athlone campus

By Sinethemba Mandyoli    02-Sep-2012 14:30 UTC+02:00 6

The Azanian People’s Liberation Army Military Veterans Association (APLAMVA) hosted a scintillating Women’s cultural evening on Friday, 31 August 2012. On this particular evening PAC women were awarded certificates of appreciation for the daring contribution they had during the years of the underground movement and their sacrifices for freedom.

The event was attended by all component structures of the PAC from the province of the Western Cape. There was a variety of speakers from PAC, APLAMVA, PAYCO, PASMA and the guest speaker was Mandobe of PAWO.

The master of ceremony Comrade Steve, stated clearly “the PASO by day and APLA by night” activities were not just sloganeering during the underground years. He remembered the Mpendulo twins’ massacre, whereby school children were attacked by the South African security forces while they were asleep.

The MC mentioned that tribalism and clanism cannot be spoken of within PAC circles. MC warned the audience that we are within the neo-colonial regime whereby strings are pulled by the colonialists in Washington.

He quoted Amilcar Cabral who elucidates how the history of the people is told by the victors. According to the MC this manifested itself in the current regime’s renaming of all historic monuments with names of ANC cadres.

He mentioned how the ruling party only acknowledges the MK contribution for the struggle, while PAC was the first party to have a military wing. He also made mention of how PAC was the first to propose sanctions against South African apartheid government by the United Nations. He reminisced about the first base of for armed struggle hosted in Angola.

One of the dignitaries was Mr Mgqibisa, a veteran of PAC, spoke on behalf of POQO the predecessor of APLA. The veteran spoke about the formation of our military wing armed with no modern day weaponry but with Pangas and the will to die for ones’ own people. He spoke in reference to five aims and objectives of the PAC but his emphasis was on the first aim: “to unite and rally the African people into one national front of the basis of African nationalism.

A branch member of the student wing, PASMA, thanked all the women in arms. She acknowledged the great job these women did and are doing for the liberation of the country.

Likewise, the PAC youth wing, PAYCO represented by Ms.Nqilo stated clearly how today’s youth get inspired by PAWO’s contribution. She said that every youth wishes that they can emulate them in the sacrifices they have made.

The daughter of soil stated gallantly that the youth is willing to serve the people of Azania but most of all willing to suffer the consequences of being party to a struggle of self-determination.

Another PAC veteran Mr Sonqishe mentioned the overwhelming abuse of former freedom fighters of the so called affirmative action and BEE.

He spoke of the importance to preach the ideology of PAC, everywhere, be it in buses, trains, schools and even churches. He pleaded that we should go back to basics and ideology is a fundamental tool for the growth of the party.

The guest speaker of the day PAWO’s Mandobe, challenged everyone in attendance about revival of PAC as an organization with good morals.

She explained that the selling of this country came from as early as 1985, referring to the infamous Sunset clause. She emphatically stated that the death of miners in Marikana is directly linked to the land issue that PAC advocated for as early as the 1960’s.

Mandobe stressed that there will be no peace in this country and the mines until the land ownership issue is addressed in this country.All the women that were awarded certificates and all the speakers pointed out that the youth is the future of the struggle of the PAC and the country as a whole


  1. Aluta continua young Africans..... The struggle is not yet over, we have new enemies of our land the tenderpreneurs... says:

    Izwelethu Ma-Afrika…. We are still fighting for our land which was stolen from our forefathers…

  2. Xolani makwedini says:

    An interesting article, at least something is being sad and written about PAC and its history

  3. Xola Tyamzashe says:

    Izwe lethu!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Im daphney khulwa pogo member from west rand

  5. Daphney khulwa says:

    Im pogo nember from west rand

  6. Mkhanyiseli Mxesibe Mpalali says:

    Clarence Mlamli Makwetu, we all know his Contributions, in our Struggle for the emancipation of the Azanian people who are still exploited in Occupied Azania…May his Soul Rest in Peace, he has done his part big time now it our turn…Izwee-Lethu…Noble…Son, of Afrika may you also greet for-us-koo-Sobukwe. Zephaniah Lekoene Mothopeng, John-Nyathi-Pokela, Jan-Shobba, Mpazamo, Yonana, Sabelo-Victoria-Gqwetha-Phama, Japhta Kgaladi Masemola, Vusie-Make,and the list is endless and may you also conveyed our message that…The Land of ours it is still in the”White-Minority Sattler-White Imperialist” Mk “Mxesibe” Mpalali.

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