Atheism: Everyone is an atheist

By Guest Author    12-Dec-2012 22:55 UTC+02:00 1

In this world we like to criticize other people’s religions. We tend to believe that our religions are the ‘correct’ ones. As a Christian, I have always seen people who follow Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shembe, etc as lost nations.

I have always told everyone that the only living God is Jehova, the father of Jesus. If I heard someone saying “Thank you Shembe”, I assumed they were mentally ill. However, I recently realized that I am just the same as everyone else. When I say “Thank you Jesus”, someone else might be questioning my mental health.

Gods never talk to people. Therefore, we can never be sure that we worship the right Gods. We can only believe. Believing that something is true does not grant us a right to say something else is false, without providing any evidence to support our statements. Just because I believe in Jesus doesn’t mean Muhammad is a myth.

I was once very worried when some of my friends told me they were atheists. I thought they would go straight to Hell after death. So I tried to convince them that there is a God and His name is Jehova. Still they wouldn’t believe me. I finally gave up.

After spending a long time thinking about this, I realized that I am also an atheist because there are many Gods I don’t believe in. So, if there are at least 20 Gods out there, it means I am at least 95% atheist because I believe in the existence of only one God. A true atheist is 100% atheist. So, the difference between me and a true atheist is only 5%. Hhmmm. Not a big difference.

In conclusion, it is clear that everyone who believes in the existence of only one God is slightly theist and mostly atheist. Because of the things I have witnessed in this world (e.g. exorcism), I strongly believe that Jesus is Lord and therefore I shall forever believe in Him. However, if you have also witnessed things that convinced you that your God exists, it is not mine to judge you.


  1. Senzo says:

    Kunjalo kunjalo mtanami THERE IS NO GOD

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