Beyoncé Shuns Father’s Wedding

By PAW    08-Jul-2013 15:42 UTC+02:00
Beyoncé (pictured) and her sister Solange did not attend their father’s wedding. – image source -

Beyoncé (pictured) and her sister Solange did not attend their father’s wedding. – image source –

Beyoncé has a stepmother. Her father Mathew Knowles tied the knot with Gena Charmaine Avery. Avery used to be a model but at 48, she now works as a real estate broker. According to Independent Online, the pair was married in Houston, Texas a week ago.

Mathew Knowles, 61, was the wind beneath Beyoncé’s wings as she soared to international stardom but their relationship soured in recent years. Knowles managed his daughter when she was a teenager with Destiny’s Child and later when she focused on her solo career. He still runs Music World Entertainment and manages gospel sensation Le’Andria Johnson. Beyoncé and her father went their separate ways in 2011.

Two years before the father and daughter team decided to split, Mathew Knowles and Beyoncé’s mother Tina got divorced. They had been married for 29 years. Beyoncé and her sister Solange are the only two children from their marriage. Mathew Knowles proposed marriage to Avery soon after the divorce.

Beyoncé shot a documentary entitled ‘Life Is but a Dream’ during which she talks about how her coming of age influenced her career and ultimately her relationship with her father. She started becoming more involved in making decisions about her brand when she was eighteen. It was difficult for her father to see that she was growing up and take her decisions seriously. Beyoncé once said: “We would fight sometimes, and it took about two years, to when I was 20, for him to realize, ‘Oh, she is an adult now, and if she doesn’t wanna do something, I can’t make her do it.’”

Her father took the slit quite badly. It was especially hard for him because it was not just the termination of any business agreement; it meant cutting ties with his daughter. He denied reports that Beyoncé had fired him. “It was hard for me to let her go – it was hard for both of us to let each other go. And let’s be clear on that. She didn’t let me go, we both let each other go. That’s a big difference.” Beyoncé and her sister did not attend the wedding and cited “previous engagements” as the reason for their absence.

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