Bitcoin Association Releases Annual Report on Education Initiatives

By Makkie Maclang    19-May-2021 08:45 UTC+02:00

Bitcoin Association, a Switzerland-based organization that supports the development of platforms and applications on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, has released its 2020 annual report that included its achievements with its education initiatives. The initiatives aim to correct misconceptions about Bitcoin and blockchain technology by providing avenues for accurate and university-style Bitcoin education.

“Education is a core element of the work we do at Bitcoin Association. After too many years of misinformation about Bitcoin, we are committed to helping students and business professionals better understand that Bitcoin is not meant to be a digital gold store of value; it is both a more efficient systems for Internet payments and a global data protocol. The Bitcoin SV network is demonstrating what is possible with a blockchain that can scale unbounded and facilitate huge volumes of low-fee payment and data transactions, with a host of innovative business applications beginning to emerge from a cross-section of industries,” Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of Bitcoin Association association said in a statement about their continuous work in education.

BSV is known as the original Bitcoin after it has restored the original protocol as close as possible to the Bitcoin white paper published by Nakamoto in 2008 through the release of the Genesis Upgrade in February 2020. The protocol is now set in stone, making for a rock-solid foundation that developers can build on—much like how the Internet protocol paved the way for today’s online world. The upgrade also unlocked the capacity of the network for unlimited scaling, meaning the BSV blockchain can accommodate big and bigger data at very low transaction fees. This is the realization of Nakamoto’s vision—to be able to scale in order for Bitcoin to be adopted by enterprises on a global level.

And in order to set the scene for global adoption, people need to first be educated about the real value of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. This is why the Association launched the Bitcoin SV Academy last year. The Academy offers three courses: Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Infrastructure at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. At present, Introduction to Bitcoin Theory and Introduction to Bitcoin Development are now open for enrolment. Because Bitcoin Association wants to reach as wide an audience as possible, all introductory courses are free of charge. A complimentary eBook focused on blockchain technology is also available for download for everyone—even if they are not enrolled at the BSV Academy.

“Fundamentally, a good education allows for the maximization of opportunity. By providing this knowledge through our courses, Bitcoin Association can help to accelerate growth and foster greater resilience in the ecosystem, which is good for Bitcoin and ultimately great for the world, particularly in these complex and challenging times,” curriculum specialist Evan Freeman explained.

To further accelerate growth through education, the Association has also teamed up with Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands in opening a progressive series of four massive open online courses (MOOCs), with the first online course entitled “What is Bitcoin and why does it matter?” running from February 5 to September 1 this year. Again, all the courses are offered for free.

“There have always been changes in society and new developments can be a threat to some institutions, but technological developments can bring society to a higher level. You now also see many movements around the adoption of digital currencies such as the Dutch Bank, the German government and within the European Commission. Together we can make a difference by showing that blockchain and Bitcoin actually work, and that they are based on actually working systems and, above all, continue to develop,” Dr. Jan Veuger, the Netherlands’ first-ever Professor of Blockchain, said.

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