Brazen criminals target Metrobus

By Chelsea-Summer Lodewyk    01-Apr-2015 13:25 UTC+02:00
Metrobus robbed at bus stop Pic: Metrobus

Metrobus robbed at Johannesburg bus stop
Pic: Metrobus.

A Metrobus driver and a passenger were shot on Wednesday morning after criminals robbed a bus going to Newlands, Johannesburg.

The bus had several passengers on board at the time.

At around 5:30 am, the bus was flagged down at a bus stop at the corner of Hendrik Potgieter & Ontdekkers Road by five passengers who turned out to be robbers.

The suspects then boarded the bus and proceeded to rob its occupants.

Gauteng Police spokesperson, Katlego Mogale said, “The two suspects held the passengers up at gunpoint and proceeded to rob them of valuables which included cellphones and cash.”

Metrobus spokesperson Esther Dryer said, “The men started shooting randomly, possibly to scare the passengers and the bus driver intervened.”

The driver is said to have attempted to protect his passengers.

It was at this point that the 58-year-old bus driver, Selelo Edward Marwala, was shot in the stomach, leaving him in critical condition. One of the passengers was also shot at and the bullet grazed his abdomen. They were both taken to the Flora Clinic and went into emergency surgery to have the bullets removed.

The suspects fled the scene on foot.

According a passenger who was on the bus, a bullet went through a male passenger’s jacket, but he was uninjured. She went on to say that it took the police an hour to arrive at the scene.

Another passenger mentioned that this is not the first time that people have been robbed on Metrobus.

Several passengers were hospitalised, along with the injured, and are being treated for shock.

The police have now launched a manhunt for the suspects,

The Police’s Katlego Mogale said, “A case of attempted murder and armed robbery has been opened. No arrests have been made yet.”

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