Business Negotiations: Skills You Need to Succeed

By Nelly Mkhize    23-Jun-2018 11:23 UTC+02:00 1

At WritingBee, we believe that you can achieve many things in business through negotiations. You can negotiate your way out of any situation. For instance, you can negotiate the best prices from a mean supplier. Also, you can secure a better deal as a seller from mean customers. Additionally, it can help you secure better repayment terms from a creditor. Whatever, it is, all successful negotiations require tact and skills. In this post, we will share skills you need to succeed in your business negotiations.

Preparation Is Key

To succeed in any type of business negotiations, it is needful to perfect the art of preparation. The reason is that over 90 percent of your success in business negotiations depends on how well you prepare for them. If you are used to working things haphazardly, then you are most likely to fail in your negotiations. Remember, preparation is the only key that will open your doors to any success.

With preparation, you have to perfect your researching skills to allow you gather necessary details about the person you are going to negotiate with. Also, you ought to integrate your preparation with investigative skills because you will need to ask relevant questions. Remember, questions are critical to all investigations you need to carry out to know more about your counterpart. If you don’t know how to ask the right questions, it will be difficult to prepare for your negotiation process.

Problem Analysis

To succeed in your negotiations, it is needful to sharpen your problem-analysis skills. The reason is that when dealing with clients or suppliers, you will be offering a solution. For instance, a supplier has a solution the buyer needs while the customer has the seller solution the vendor seeks. Therefore, you must know how to analyze the other party’s problems as entailed in their demands.

For instance, it is prudent to understand what drives a supplier to price their goods or services they way they do. Some of them could be looking for a wider market share while others a certain sales target. But either way, you should analyze their needs and face them with a price offer that meets it—solves their problem. Sellers need this skill to know your customers’ needs and position their products or services as the best-suited solutions. Without this skill, sellers and buyers will not negotiate with each other successfully.

Effective Verbal Communication

Another skill necessary for succeeding in your negotiations is verbal communication. The reason is that verbal communications, especially face to face, are critical to striking key business deals. Why? Because personal contact has no replacement. Also, face to face communication has more weight than tech-conveyed communications such as emails and phone calls. That is why your president still flies out of the country for official state engagements while the state has all the resources for conducting the best teleconferences. So, you have to master this art in its entirety including, its nonverbal expressions. This way, you will be in a better position to prevent misunderstanding.


Besides perfecting your problem analysis, it is beneficial to perfect your problem-solving skills. This way, you will be better placed to propose solutions to the problems you had analyzed. Also, this skill will help you to present your solutions in a manner that is not pushy. Lastly, it will help you to solve any problem arising during the negotiation process.


Another skill you need to develop your negotiation power is rapport-building. It is not just enough to offer people solutions. You also need to master how to build relational bridges and rapport with people because these two are necessary for successful negotiations.

Decision-Making Ability

All negations require decision-making skills to succeed. The reason is that you will need to accept the other person’s proposals and cede ground the same way your counterpart will defer to your demands. This means you need a sharp instinct that will guide in making advantageous decisions that will benefit both parties.

The secrets are out. It is now up to you to develop these skills in you to enable you to succeed in your business negations.


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