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Chaos As Oscar Hearing Continues

By Ntokozo Sindane    20-Feb-2013 12:28 UTC+02:00
Murder accused Oscar Pistorius stands ready to face the charges against him. – image – www.news24.com.

Murder accused Oscar Pistorius stands ready to face the charges against him. – image – www.news24.com.

The bail hearing of murder accused Oscar Pistorious was delayed on Wednesday morning as officials tried desperately to maintain order in an over-packed courtroom. Both local and international media personnel struggled to find seats in the small courtroom at the Pretoria Magistrates Court.

A News24 correspondent reported that Bosman Street, which is right near the court, was lined with several large vans complete with expensive, high-technology broadcasting equipment and photographers. The Oscar Pretorius case has gripped the attention of millions around the world. Many say it has even diverted attention away from other major stories such as the Lance Armstrong drug scandal and the State of the Nation Address delivered by President Zuma on Valentine’s Day.

Sowetan Live explains that members of the public who are not related to the case played another part in the chaos in court. When authorities asked unrelated persons to excuse themselves from the courtroom, there was no immediate response. This has become the norm since the case was brought to court.

On the Friday after the shooting, popular businessman Kenny Kunene was present at the court. He received a hearty welcome and did not leave when members of the public were asked to make seats available for concerned parties and the media. Kenny Kunene’s connection to the case is not yet clear but one of his Twitter followers praised Kenny’s sense of loyalty.

Kenny Kunene is a family man who is especially favoured by young children who wish to find wealth and live large. Kenny is known for his associations with the rich and famous and is fondly called ‘The Sushi King’. Reporters were not impressed when Kenny Kunene was greeted with cheers and allowed a smooth entrance into the courtroom when they had to scramble and squeeze their way in.

The proceedings eventually resumed an hour later than scheduled. The state is expected to dispute the events as detailed by Oscar Pistorius in his affidavit. The bail hearing is in session at the Pretoria Magistrate Court.



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