China Bird Flu is the Most Lethal

By Lebo Hlaha    25-Apr-2013 12:24 UTC+02:00

china bird fluIt’s scary, but true. The China bird virus is certainly one of the most toxic influenza viruses unprecedented by the world. It is however unfortunate that the majority of the infected materializes to be most defenseless to health complications and innocent populace, who are under the age of 5 or over the age of 65.

The world is in jeopardy because of China manufacturing black hearted goods. In China, people are hungry and greedy for wealth and riches. Too often, making a quick buck to them involves imposing imitation nutrition on the innocent. I do believe that this toxic deadly influenza is a result of Chinese fake foodstuff they bestow to chicken and other animals to promote growth. It is more than ever hazardous because human immune system does not have antibiotics to break down such venom devoted into animals; consequently, keeps on accumulating in a human body to a death-defying height.

Unlike Chinese animal breeding method, free range chickens have a propensity to produce healthier meat. They get to consume the natural dietary minerals needed for their own health and development. From very old time, our great grandparents applied this kind of animal breeding, and there was never such life threatening chicken diseases cases. Chinese should allow chickens to go outside and get a hold of clean air.

The overindulgence of unsafe amendment of vitamins and minerals nutrients system China runs behind, are extremely and conspicuously dangerous to human beings and much cruel to animals. The practice of keeping animals in enclosed incubator is heartless and unhealthy. Confinement, even to humans, grounds for bacteria and germs.

The trouble starts with Chinese believe in forging everything; from salt to infant formula. They are too action-packed stuffing their pockets with depraved gains. With increasing global warming and diminishing of natural resources, every day there is fly-by-night labeling food products making their way onto store shelves from China.

It’s time the humankind watches this unscrupulous nation and bring to a halt the alternation of secondary quality food items for ones of higher perceived value. That’s fraud which unfortunately claims inhabitants’ lives. Why on earth would someone trust the food made in a country where there is practically no regulations and where people consume dogs?

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