Did Cashflow Ngcobo and Mzabalazo Dlamini Get Arrested?

By Staff Writer    22-May-2019 02:00 UTC+02:00 12

Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo and his girlfriend Tumi Linx enjoying each other’s company in KZN. Image: Cashflow Ngcobo, Instagram.

Well-known forex trader, Jabulani “Cashflow” Ngcobo, left many people confused about his whereabouts last week after making an unexpected return to Instagram, despite reports that he was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud.

Last week, Cashflow, who had not posted anything on Instagram since the middle of April, shared an Instagram picture of himself ostensibly enjoying a vacation with his girlfriend Tumi Linx at a luxury resort in KZN midlands. The picture was captioned, “With you by my side I can conquer the whole world.”

Cashflow’s return to social media left some of his followers questioning the truthfulness of reports which claimed that the self-proclaimed millionaire was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison on several counts of fraud and contravening the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) law.

While some of Cashflow’s followers were doubtful that the businessman ever got arrested, others were convinced that he was in prison and had allowed someone else to manage his social media accounts.

According to reliable reports, on the 18th of April, the Durban Specialised Commercial Crimes Court sentenced Cashflow and his business associate Mzabalazo Dlamini to six years in prison on several counts of fraud and contravening section 7(1) of the FAIS Act. Their prosecution was announced by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) on the 7th of May in a press statement.

According to the statement, the two “were referred by the FSCA to the criminal authorities following extensive investigations and adverse findings by the Authority” and the matter had been in court since 2014. They were sentenced to “six years imprisonment, two of which were suspended, and a fine of R200 000 wholly suspended for five years.”

The statement further reads:

The investigations found that the duo had misrepresented themselves as authorised financial services providers (FSPs) that could trade forex on behalf of their clients, when they were not. This is a criminal offense, and the FSCA welcomes the sentence imposed on them, as it sends a clear message against unscrupulous financial entities and scams.

It is reported that both Cashflow and Mzabalazo started serving their sentences in April at Westville prison in Durban. However, they applied for leave to appeal their sentences and were released on R25000 bail each on Tuesday, 14 May 2018. Three days later, Cashflow released a statement around their arrest and fraud charges, where he confirmed that they were indeed sentenced to four years imprisonment and had applied for leave to appeal the sentence.

In his statement, Ngcobo criticised the media for misreporting their business’s violations of the law, claiming that they were being prosecuted for old charges, not new ones as implied in the news. “What is excruciating about this, is that the media is now reporting as if all this is recent, whereas the entity in subject is Cashflow Properties CC, which was liquidated in 2012, meaning that whatever that is being reported pertains to what occurred between 2009 and 2011, consequently making many people to believe that our current business model is illegal and such is not the case. We have never been charged of any fraud case or contravening any act since 2013,” he wrote. He then took a jab at those who celebrated his conviction and concluded by saying, “The celebrations came too early, this case is far from being over. It is not over until Jehovah says it’s over.”

Cashflow first came into the limelight in 2011 after hosting a lavish birthday party in Durban, where he allegedly spent R1m. Since then he and Mzabalazo have been besieged by allegations of fraud, accused of defrauding a number of people of their hard-earned money through their forex trading business.

If the High Court overturns the ruling of the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court, Ngcobo and Dlamini may walk free. However, if the ruling is upheld, they may find themselves back behind bars in the near future.


  1. Khetha says:

    I hope they go back to prison so that they don’t even think about repeating their crimes in the future. They are aware of the high risks but they continue to prey on poor people, giving them false hope. First you lose money paying for their training, and then you lose more in the forex market.

  2. Musa says:

    They are going back to prison. They don’t realise the seriousness of their crimes. They must stop misleading people into believing that they are being accused of trading forex because they are black while this is not the case. We all know that forex trading is not a crime. However, trading on someone else’s behalf or providing financial advice without being authorised by the FSB is a crime. This is where they broke the law.

  3. Winnie Madiks says:

    I dont believe what I hear cos I saw this guy on GauTV on Monday how he was explaining that he knew from a young age that he wont work for peanuts and how do you sleep at night when you know that you have ripped people their money, its heartless yhoo.

  4. Nom_ZN says:

    They should rot in jail, they also conned the people of Ladysmith through “Sgumza” who also ran a pyramid scheme which was managed by Mzabalazo and he lend Sgumza his fancy BMW to lure the poor people of Ladysmith.

  5. Jm shandu says:

    I lost 15000 thousand because of this guy’s in fact they were three of they ather 1 is bongani who left them after eqoute trading 2011

  6. Tbkosi says:

    They guy is now in mpumalanga (witbank),recruiting poor people to invest into this nton nton business,our people are so gallavant they believe he can make them millionares,

  7. Independent Analyst says:

    He may not be perfect but it does appear like the media is trying to bring him down. I don’t get why most publishers didn’t bother to report that he was out on bail while they were quick to report that he was in jail.

  8. Hero says:

    I’ll get you my boy, you robbed me too and I can you still walking free as if everything is fine while we don’t have money because of you, you robbed me about 3k and that’s my money I worked hard for it remember “Intaba azihlangani Abantu bayahlangana” futhi mncani umhlaba ngizokuthola.

  9. Nondu Vilakazi says:

    I got a inbox from him on Facebook,I than gave him my WhatsApp number we the started to chart, telling me how he can help me to a millionaire like him. He’ told me to deposit 1000 for me to invest I’ll then get 19000 as a profit, so I haven’t sent the money yet, I just don’t trust him, so can someone help me with a legit information

    • The Editor says:

      Hi Nondu. Please be careful as anyone can create a fake profile on social media. As far as we know, Mr Ngcobo took a break as a forex trainer and does not have a Facebook account.

  10. nathi says:

    This bastard scammed me R130 000 in 2017, with that broker he was using which not even approved by FSB. If anyone remembers the name of the broker please remind me, I also need to open a case against him.

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