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Two die as bakkie crashes into the back of a truck

By Smanga Kumalo    27-Jun-2012 06:06 UTC+02:00

At least two people died in an accident when a bakkie crashed into the back of a truck on the R59 between Klipriver Drive and the Blockhouse in the Vaal.

When the ER24 team arrived at the scene, they found the bakkie so badly damaged that the driver had already succumbed to his injuries and had died on the scene.

Paramedics were unable to get access to the passenger as he too was so badly trapped in the wreckage, and there was nothing further that they could do to save the man’s life and he too died on scene. Both men appeared to be around the age of 40.

According to ER24, the cause of the accident is unclear. It is believed that the bakkie just drove into the back of the large load bed truck. The occupants of the truck were not injured. Police are investigatengthe exact cause of the fatal collision. An inquest docket has been opened.

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