Diepsloot Community Angered by Death of Two Girls

By PAW    15-Oct-2013 15:57 UTC+02:00
Diepsloot Community Angered by Death of Two Girls - image - jacarandafm.com.jpg

Diepsloot Community Angered by Death of Two Girls – image – jacarandafm.com.jpg

The community of Diepsloot was united in their search for two little cousins who disappeared on Saturday. Unfortunately, their search ended with tragic news on Tuesday morning. The bodies of the two girls, aged 2 and 3, were found in a toilet cubicle in the Number One area of the settlement. According to media reports, the bodies of the girls were found not far from where Anelisa Mkhondo was found dead under a pile of rubble. Mkhondo was 5 years old when she died and her murderer has not been arrested.

Bystanders claimed that the bodies were naked and covered in blood. This has led to suspicions that the girls may have been sexually assaulted before they were killed. When the bodies were found, the crowd of residents around the crime scene grew quickly. Police crime scene investigators kept members of the public beyond the yellow line demarcating the crime scene. Forensic pathologists inspected the bodies before they were placed in the van and taken to the mortuary.

The women of Diepsloot are angered by this fatal attack on little girls in the area. They joined a march behind the police van and headed to the police station. Residents think the police should intensify their efforts to find the abusers and murderers of young children in Diepsloot. Some of residents are alleged to have threatened to punish the suspects fatally if they catch them before the police do. The two cousins were seen with an unknown man shortly before they disappeared. The police have not confirmed a connection between these recent deaths and that of Anelisa Mkhondo in September.

Mkhondo’s grandparents took her death badly and are still struggling to come to terms with it. Her grandmother said that she is reminded of Anelisa every time someone mentions her name. She hoped that her murderer would suffer the same fate as her granddaughter. No arrests have been made in any of the murders.

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