Durban Flying Squad Arrests Eleven Suspects

By Staff Writer    20-Jun-2013 12:55 UTC+02:00 2

PoliceEleven wanted suspects were arrested by the Durban Flying Squad for various crimes this week during an intelligence-led operation aimed at cleaning up areas such as KwaMashu, Umlazi and Cato Manor, the SAPS reported in a media statement. The crimes for which the suspects were arrested include murder, hijacking, armed robbery, business robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

During the raid, the police recovered a gun, ammunition, a knife and several other items suspected to be stolen. Among those arrested was a gang of six wanted suspects who were involved in armed robberies in the KwaMashu and Cato Manor areas. The arrest of these suspects came after the members of the Flying Squad followed up on information on them and raided their den in Nkondlo Road in KwaMashu. After searching the suspects, the police found them in possession of ammunition and a 9mm pistol. They were all arrested and charged with armed robbery and possession of ammunition and an unlicensed firearm.

Another one was arrested at Umlazi on his way to sell a car he had hijacked at Umbilo on Sunday. It is reported that he shot the owner of the car. Somehow the members of the Flying Squad found out that he was going to sell it at Umlazi V section. They followed him and spotted the stolen vehicle at Umlazi. When the suspect realized that he was being followed, he drove away, trying to escape. However, after a kilometer he crashed the car and fled the scene on foot. He was then chased until he was apprehended. He was found in possession of leather gloves ID documents, keys and cell phones. He was charged with attempted murder and carjacking.


  1. bulie says:

    I’m sick and tired of man, grow up man. Every wrong thing done in this country man are there. They lose their jobs because of drugs, alcohol etc, they don’t attend to work especially MONDAYS and FRIDAYS they don’t want to work, they always blame the government. man!!man!! man!! man!! man!! Shame on you man. Really, you are men of shame.

  2. ayanda says:

    I like d way u doing ur job guys.I wish u can help to do d same in seaview location Saniar road.but I will like to meet a person Cal KP working for dog unit in durban.

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