EFF Celebrates After Maiden Election

By Oliver Ngwenya    18-May-2014 04:14 UTC+02:00 4
Image: The Sowetanlive

Image: The Sowetanlive

Despite a poor showing, it seems all is not lost for the Economic Freedom Fighters, judging by the response from the party’s supporters in Sandton on Saturday.

There was ululating and shouts of praise for the EFF leader, Julius Malema when he arrived to address the crowd. Dressed in a dark suit and white shirt, Juju, as he is popularly known by his hordes of supporters, continued to assure his supporters that his party would not desert them and that there would be no jostling for positions in the EFF. He went on to promise the supporters gathered that the party leadership would be made to sign contracts that they could be recalled if they did not perform.

Speaking at the same event in Innesfree Park, the man who had stood as the premier for Gauteng in the election, Dali Mpofu said that the Economic Freedom Fighters was South Africa’s government in waiting. He told his party’s supporters that the current crop of parliamentarians must be aware that this was their last time in parliament. Mpofu added that the incumbent president, Jacob Zuma, at the end of his term, would either go to his Nkandla home or to jail. This was received with jubilation by his party’s supporters.

A teenager that was at the gathering and was given an opportunity to speak told the supporters that the EFF leader was her role model. She said that she wanted to walk in his footsteps and that she looked up to him. Jacqueline Majolela, who is fourteen years old said that Juju was like a father to her.

This was a jovial event with a tent set up in the area. A number of people had brought folding chairs and were relaxing under trees while others were dancing to loud music that was playing. The announcer had informed the gathering that this was an event to celebrate the election results. Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters, who were in their maiden election, performed very well, managing to amass more than one and half million votes, which accounts for 6.35% of the votes cast.


  1. ScorrieMorrie says:

    From nowhere to nearly 7% of the vote in under six months, and with all the bad publicity before forming the party, and you call it a poor showing for EFF. Get real! I am afraid this is a warning of things to come.

  2. solomon says:

    A am etreme honoured to read news 24/7 been up dated around the clobe on mt cell keep it high man and woman.

  3. kops says:

    i am sure they intend to nationalize the maiden too..

  4. Sam van den Berg says:

    Maiden election? I hope they kept Zuma well away.

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