EFF Member Dies Outside Pretoria High Court

By PAW    05-Mar-2014 20:03 UTC+02:00 1

eff-beretA member of the ‘Red Brigade’, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), collapsed and died outside court in Pretoria today apparently from injuries sustained when he tripped and fell.

The man, who was only identified as Max was participating in a march organized by his party, the EFF, to protest the requirement that they pay large sums of money in order to be able to participate in the forthcoming elections. According to the standing statutes, any party that wishes to participate in the elections has to lodge a deposit of about R45 000 per province as well as over R200 000 in order to be able to participate in the national showcase. This is the requirement that has ruffled the feathers of Julius Malema and his contingent of supporters. They have stated in no uncertain terms that they are not prepared to pay that kind of money.

In order to put their words into action, they, this morning, took to the streets of Pretoria in general and to the Pretoria High Court in particular where they are taking to task President Jacob Zuma, Naledi Pandor, the Home Affairs minister as well as the IEC for this piece of legislative requirement. According to media reports, EFF supporters were singing and chanting anti Zuma slogans from as early as eleven in the morning. The supporters were also running around Church Square singing and chanting. It was during one of these runs that Max seems to have met his end.

According to the EFF spokesman, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the man was running with the other members and tripped on the chains which are around Paul Kruger’s feet, fell and hit his head terribly in what can only be termed a freak accident. Tshwane Emergency staff spent over an hour attempting to resuscitate him. When reporters arrived, Tshwane metro police, emergency workers and members of the EFF were milling around waiting for the government mortuary vehicle to arrive and collect the body, which was still lying outside the courthouse covered in foil. Reporters were refrained from speaking to anyone and from taking photos but what could be gathered was that ‘Max’ had been wearing an EFF t-shirt, beret as well as black jeans.


  1. buntubethu says:

    EFF is so desperate, they have killed one of their own to gain more publicity. This is an act of desperation and punishment from God for disrespecting the elders. May his SOUL REST IN PEACE..!

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