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EFF Motorcade Proceeds despite Police Orders to Disperse

By PAW    10-Aug-2013 21:42 UTC+02:00 3
The Economic Freedom Fighters proceeded with a motorcade from Johannesburg to Soweto despite police orders against the gathering. – image - www.politicsweb.co.za

The Economic Freedom Fighters proceeded with a motorcade from Johannesburg to Soweto despite police orders against the gathering. – image – www.politicsweb.co.za

The Economic Freedom Fighters seem to be taking opposition from the authorities at each turn as they spread the message about “the struggle for economic freedom in our lifetime”. On Saturday, the fighters had planned a motorcade that would start at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown and end in Soweto. The Metro Police Department in Johannesburg was not pleased with that idea. According to media reports, the police arrived and ordered the crowd of EFF supporters to disperse because they had not applied for and received permission to gather.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have made no secret of their radical nature; they pushed on with the motorcade. EFF Gauteng Provincial Spokesperson, Patrick Sindane said: “This is a public place and we need no permission.” The EFF accused the police of being manipulated by political forces to intimidate the organization.

Sindane dispelled reports that the EFF would submit to pressure. He reiterated that the EFF is progressing and will not be intimidated. “We are doing well and the masses are responding very well. People are joining the EFF on the streets because this is the party they have been waiting for.”

On Saturday, National Coordinator Lufuno Gogoro commented publicly on his Facebook wall. He thanked everyone who supported the motorcade. He remarked on the reception that the EFF received in Soweto from “the masses who demanded (membership) forms and berets”. Gogoro said: “Protea South belongs to EFF and they are so happy we came.”

In other news, the National Spokesperson of the EFF, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi issued a statement that a delegation of the organization, led by Commander in Chief Julius Malema, would be guests of the Synagogue Church of All Nation International in Nigeria until 15 August. Prophet T. B. Joshua is a well-known pastor and leader of the congregation. The EFF sees this as a “spiritual visit to meet and create friendship with this son of Africa and his congregation”. They also want to “ask for blessings for the journey ahead”.

The Economic Freedom Fighters are preparing for their national launch which will be held in Marikana, Rustenburg later this month. The organization remains unmoved and forges on with the build-up to the national elections in 2014.



  1. thapelo says:

    foward we a going vivaEFF viva

  2. Robert Hoare says:

    Truly unbelievable that the kind of fanatical posturing can even be entertained in the modern South Africa.
    Everything that was fought for 20 years ago by the TRUE freedom fighters has almost been lost to self empowerment, self in-richment and self gratification of small minded, weak individuals that have failed in life, so as they now prey on the very people that they are like, the uneducated, unmotivated, the ignorant and the desperate.
    The EFF is a recipe for disaster, they use terminology that they themselves don’t understand the meaning off. They feed on the emotions and the group mentality of the so call down trodden, they fuel the fire of racism, hate, anger, frustration and nepotism of a people that have been treated poorly and inhumanely pre 1994 and treated the exact same by those that came into power post 1994 and yet in the past 20 years the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich and for a select few that where poor are now the rich of the richest.
    MR Malema, to blame the past is a futile exercise, you can not change it, it is done, t is what you do now, this moment this day, that will shape the future. The future is life and life is what you make it, you can make it a school of learning and progression, a battlefield of death and destruction or a playground where people come together to enjoy, laugh and love.

    South Africa, stay smart, stay strong, open your eyes, open your hearts, feel and see the truth that is your right to life. In that you will have true freedom, wealth, peace and love. Forget about the failed individuals that are bitter, twisted, angry and misunderstood, they will lead you away from the light and into darkness.

  3. Kamogelo says:

    Wow,Im not much of a political person but I know that Julius Malema is one kind of a person who lets nobody get in his way..If I were to vote right now I’d vote for EFF.

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