Ephedrine Smuggler Not a South African Celebrity: Says Police

By Oliver Ngwenya    01-Oct-2015 12:14 UTC+02:00
15 packets wrapped in carbon or foil-like were worth R4.6 million Image:sundayworld

15 packets wrapped in carbon or foil-like were worth R4.6 million

Claims that the woman who was arrested at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on Sunday, ostensibly with ephedrine worth R4.6 million, was a South African celebrity were denied by Police on Monday.

The South Africa Revenue Service had said earlier on that the woman was a South African actress.

Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, the police spokesman said, “Contrary to public belief the arrested woman is not a South African celebrity.” Naidoo also said the woman who was found in possession of ephedrine, the main ingredient tik, will appear at the Kempton Park Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

Earlier on Monday, Luther Lebelo , South Africa Revenue Services spokesperson, said the bag with 15.4 kilograms of ephedrine, was found on Sunday at OR Tambo International Airport after the woman had arrived on a flight from Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Lebelo went on to say, “The passenger, who was proceeding through the ‘nothing to declare Green channel’ was stopped by customs officials for her bags to be scanned.”

The South Africa Revenue Services spokesperson continued to say the scanning of her one bag showed up suspicious images. 15 parcels wrapped in carbon or foil-like material hidden in the luggage were discovered by officials after further investigation and searching of the bag.

It is also said that immediate tests conducted by Sars officials confirmed that the suspected substance was ephedrine, which is the main ingredient in crystal meth.

Furthermore Luther Lebelo said the narcotics and passenger, identified as a South African actress, were detained and afterwards handed over for further investigation to the South African Police Service (SAPS) Organised Crime department.

“In line with South African law, the details of the passenger will only be released once she has appeared in court,” added Lebelo., South Africa Revenue Service spokesperson.

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