Family Reacts to Axe Murders

By Ntokozo Sindane    27-May-2013 20:18 UTC+02:00 4
A 14 year old boy is accused of using an axe to kill members of his family during a satanic ritual. – image -

A 14 year old boy is accused of using an axe to kill members of his family during a satanic ritual. – image –

Death is a sad reality but it is hard to put into words the immensity of the loss when several members of the family are killed in one attack. The emotional reaction is compounded when the killer is another member of the family. When the killer is a teenager, it leaves the remaining family members broken.

According to Eye Witness News, these were the words of the grandfather whose family was axed to death by his 14 year old grandson. He said: “I am not okay, I am broken. I am now all alone.” He found the bodies of his wife, his daughter, 7 year old grandson and 3 month old granddaughter on Friday.

This Monday, the elderly man spoke to the media about how he discovered his family in different parts of the home. He said a brick was thrown through the window of the room he usually sleeps in. When he woke up, he saw his wife on the floor with blood all around her. He went outside and saw the body of his daughter under a tree. He found the younger children thereafter.

The family lives in Etwatwa, near Benoni, and they cannot afford to bury the four family members. They can only rely on donations for the funeral. This is why the Ekhurhuleni Mayor Mondli Gungubele has put together a task team of relevant professionals to assist the family. His spokesperson, Zweli Dlamini, said: “That is why we’ll be engaging with them as we move along to see what their plans are in terms of the funerals.”

Satanism has been blamed for this vicious attack. A neighbour reportedly said that the teenager told him that something triggered him to sacrifice his family in honour of the full moon. The neighbour also said that the boy had satanic beliefs. An uncle thinks that the teenager’s violent streak was fuelled by marijuana.

The teenager is being treated for injuries sustained when a mob assaulted him shortly after the murders. He is scheduled to appear in court shortly after his release from hospital.


  1. Sizwe says:

    The mob should have killed him.

  2. “An uncle thinks that the teenager’s violent streak was fueled by marijuana.”

    How distant from reality one must be, to look for ‘excuses’ that abstract. Trere is a certain denial that ‘something wasn’t right’ and it simply must have been the silly silly grass. I suspect the lad had a history of ‘issues’ and it doesn’t do anyone any good to mask over such issues with ‘oh, must be marijuana, ya that’s it’.

  3. Noss Nozz says:

    thats why you should pray for every family member in your household thank god thats im alive

  4. Downdestik says:

    well, satanism is blamed for everyone’s action. Satanists don’t kill, not even for rituals. I can’t say everyone do not kill because god commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son though

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