FNB Stadium Robbed After Bieber Justin Show

By Ntokozo Sindane    13-May-2013 18:09 UTC+02:00

In a scene one would expect from an action movie, robbers executed a strategic and thoroughly planned heist at Soccer City this past Sunday. The robbery was so efficiently carried out that the authorities did not even know that there had been a robbery until Monday morning.

It appears that while screaming fans were being treated to the electrifying sound of popular Justin Bieber, the suspects were hard at work preparing for the heist, which took place a few hours after Bieber left the stage. According to News24, it has not yet been confirmed how much money the robbers managed to haul out of the stadium.

Despite the intensity of the security measures put in place for the big concert, no one saw a thing as the suspects made it out of the stadium undetected. The police surveyed the scene of the robbery and believe that the heist had been planned long before the Bieber show. For days, the suspects had methodically and patiently chiselled the walls of the room where the safe is kept. The walls are twice as thick as those of other rooms in the stadium.

To get inside the room, the police have evidence that a rope was used by the criminals to lower each other into the safe enclosure and back up with the cash in tow. The police and other investigative experts spent the day searching the entire stadium for clues on Monday.

There are no reported incidents of injury to any concertgoer or stadium and security personnel as a result of the robbery. This daring and sophisticated heist has left police with few clues but they are determined to apprehend those responsible.

When the FNB stadium was renovated for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, safety and security were issues of top priority in the design and technology applied in the construction of the 94 376-seater facility. But even with the improved security standards, it seems nothing could have prepared anyone for the heist that took place this weekend.


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