Four Somalis Arrested and Charged Over Westgate Mall Attack

By PAW    04-Nov-2013 17:20 UTC+02:00

It is reported that at least four people of Somali origin have been arrested and charged in Kenya over the Westgate Mall attack in what is increasingly being referred to in media circles as the September Siege.

Mohammed Ahmed Abdi, Liban Abdullah, Adnan Ibrahim and Hussein Hassan have been charged with aiding terrorists and entering and residing in Kenya without the necessary and correct documentation.

Media sources report that among some of the offenses they are being charged with is that of providing the four gunmen with accommodation as well as getting into Kenya using falsified documents.

Further reports indicate that the accused had sheltered the four gunmen in the Kenyan town, Eastleigh, a neighborhood of Somalis and were in constant communication with them days before the attack. They have pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution team which has not accused any of the three men with being part of the attack has requested time to make further investigations and this has prompted the court to remand the accused into the custody of a local police station

Meanwhile, Al-Shabbab, the Somali Islamist militant group has claimed responsibility for the attacks even though they have not stated the purpose.

The Kenyan National Army has,on the other hand, reported that all four of the attackers died when the army stormed the mall to rescue the remaining hostages, an event that claimed the lives of more than 67 people.

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