Fuel Price Increase Triggers National Shutdown Threats in SA

By Staff Writer    02-Jun-2022 23:51 UTC+02:00

Thousands of angry South Africans have taken to Twitter to declare their intent to shut down the country in the next few days following hefty fuel price increases on Tuesday midnight.

The price of petrol increased by R2.33 per litre for 95 and R2.43/l for 93 while that of diesel went up by R1.10/l (0.05% sulphur) and R1.07/l (0.005% sulphur).

Knowing how this would affect the prices of food and public transport fares, which are already high, frustrated citizens threatened to embark on a national shutdown next week in protest against the rising cost of living.

It is not known when (if) the protest will take place. However, a number of Twitter users suggested the 10th of June.

The protest is being backed by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), who released a statement on Tuesday, saying they were discussing a way to respond to these price increases and that they would consider engaging in a national shutdown.

“The EFF is convening a meeting to discuss how we respond to these rising prices. We will also consider engaging in a National Shutdown, until the cost of petrol is reduced. It is up to the Treasury to introduce measures which will immediately lower our fuel prices,” the EFF said in a statement.

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