Gay tokoloshe repeatedly rapes man

By The Editor    18-Aug-2012 05:35 UTC+02:00 39

Daily Sun

Alex Nkosi (Daily Sun)— There are three bodies in the marital bed, a man his wife and a gay Tokoloshe.

The Tokoloshe only has eyes for the man. He rapes him all night, every night, leaving nothing for the wife to enjoy.

This has been going on for 15 years and now Isaac Malope (51) and his wife Constance Mazibuko (43), from Alemansdrift C, near Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga, are afraid to go to sleep.

Isaac said: “Every night he comes between me and my wife and rapes me over and over. When he leaves, I no longer have energy for my wife and even if I try to get an erection, nothing happens.”

It is reported that Malope has traveled all over the African continent looking for help and has wasted nearly R200 000.

According to Daily Sun, Malope is appealing to anyone who can help save his marriage.

Anyone who can help can call Daily Sun in Tshwane on 012 424 6251.


  1. DUMO BOMELA says:

    he must pray nothing else.

  2. Sindi says:

    This must be a joke. Lmao.

  3. Siphiwe Shongwe says:

    Lol, crazy people out there… kwaaaaa

  4. Appalled African says:

    I would Understand if it was a Chinese, Indian or Caucasian person laughing at this. These people have spend money that you will never even make in your whole lifetime trying to fix this wena uyasineka nje. If you think you can help these people please do not be ashamed, conforming to the idiocy of Sindy and Shongwe sies niyaphapha.

    • toko_gp says:

      i too am laughing at this. this is absolutely absurd. gosh the sensationalism in the media is ridiculous. yes fair enough the tokolosche is real apparently to many gullible people. if this has happened for so many years this mans anus must be so used to it, that he needs to start enjoying the sex. but what kills me is this pic of the GAY tokolosche. omg omg i am finished with laughter. shookt.

  5. ntombi says:

    The tokoloshe is staying there therefore it is either they pray veryhard every night or they should relocate. If. You use jeyes fluid everyday it will not come. Pour it in quarter a cup everyday put it in your bedroom.or detol

  6. ntombi says:

    Be warned, a house visited by tokoloshe causes everyone to be unhappy in the house, constant fights, alcohol abuse, cheating,headahes, always tired, people will just hate you for no reason, trousers will always have holes, dirty dishes, cockroaches, rats,dirty washing, blocked drain,you get paid today but tomorrow your salary is finished, grocry does not last, you sleep with a doek on your head but you can’t find it, clothes in a plastic bag mixed, fighting with neighbours

  7. Sibusiso Luthuli says:

    This is crazy but i think i know someone who can help Alex, he is known for helping in such things.

  8. Sindi says:

    @Sibusiso please call the Daily Sun. As much as I find this funny, I do feel sorry for this man.

  9. Hleng says:

    I worship the living God that answers prayers, please give me contact details of this man, if it means driving to his place to pray I will do so though GOds help. Konke kuJesu kuyaguqa!!!!

  10. Obakeng says:

    I think. I know someone who can help this man…in Rustenburg

  11. LOL says:

    get this man a camera, I would pay money to see the tokolos…

    maybe if he knew his neighbor, he would find out that the short little man is him, and is is being taken for a ride 🙂 every night

  12. AD says:

    Ntombi uyando yikisa man wena yuuu but ke nge gama lika mdali uya hamba lo tikoloshe mabae ecaweni bona qha

  13. unbelieveble #im shocked# says:
  14. Mothabi says:

    there is nothing that will ever help this man on this face of earth than the all mighty, this man and his wife must pray and the thokolosi will leave them in peace, it will cause them nothing.

  15. Themba says:

    I find it seriously amusing that someone would even entertain the possibility of this happening. Note, there is no mention as to how this man gets raped by this Thikoloshe. Does he get it anally or does he use his limited erection to penetrate the Thikoloshe? I notice, he does not complain about a sore bum, rather only complaining about a lack of erection. Those recommending he pray, he says his prayers are limited and seem to be focused on prayers to get an erection. Women have perfected the excuse (I have a headache) and I think this guy has found a long lasting excuse to deny his poor wife her conjugal and spousal rights. Of course, this is a joke. No one can claim to have thikoloshe, unless they are in a mental institution. The guy and his wife need to go for mental help, not more stupid prayers and sangomas. They have spent too much money already.

  16. Themba says:

    According to the article, the man claims that he only gets an erection when he fasts 7 days a week and prays for it. So, it does seem that he is hedging his bets by praying, going to Sangomas, Nigerian prophets, etc.
    If you send me your email, I will forward you the article. The person prays, as you suggest. God gives him an erection once in a while.
    Do you seriously believe there exists something called thikoloshe?

  17. White says:

    Lol. I can help. It’s called insanity. Him and his wife needs to be booked in. Or by the sounds of it their son has been having sex with the father for years. Only in Africa. The only thing we can ask God for is is proper education for all Africans.

  18. Sinjonjo says:

    Dude gets raped for 15 days every day!!! Once would have been enough for any sane man who doesn’t love their “tikoloshe”! This man is obviously married to a retard who’s been probably starving for 15 years if she hasn’t been getting some somewhere else…

  19. Lion King says:

    What a joke! Why have other races living in South Africa never seen or encountered this Tokoloshe? It is a total African believe that was passed on and I think this man could be using this as an excuse for other reasons to deprive his wife sex! He may be sleeping around and use the money for that!

  20. Your Name... says:

    If you look at all the comments made about this article on the internet, it is basically being taken as a racial slur… i.e. “How can Africa ‘progress’ when people like this are running the country”. This article is being spread by pro-Afrikaans (and other white-minded) groups to reinforce their racist message.

    How does this story differ from the ludicrous stories in the Bible, which plenty white people (including most of those Afrikaans folk) take as the literal truth… and includes its own “Tokoloshe” in the form of the “Devil”.

    This is just stupid. A piece of light-hearted journalism taken completely out of context and used for political purposes by a bunch of racists.

  21. leelo says:

    his wife is raping him lol!

  22. ntombi says:

    Guys, I am a highly educatEd person, a snop, working in a high profile environment. I never believed in such things until I rented a house in the pretoria location, even the previous tenAnt
    Complained about this but when the owner iS approached she becomes very angry. Even the owner does not stay in her house, she does not want to divulge why she is not staying in her house. I never tHought such things exist

  23. Tshepo says:

    You are all crazy things like this are not there go seek help talk to a doctor that can help you think normal again your mind is all messed up! please go se a doctor your not right in the hed to believe in stupid stuff like this wake up no wonder this country is in a mess just look at the stupid stuff people believe in WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Patrick says:

    How can anyone believe this nonsense?

    Maybe he is gay and repressing it (due to social or family fears), so he’s making up excuses to his wife. That or perhaps he just wants attention very badly.

  25. Patrick says:

    How can anyone believe this nonsense?Maybe he is gay and repressing it (due to social or family fears), so he’s making up excuses to his wife. That or perhaps he just wants attention very badly.

  26. Anon says:

    Go to a Muslim Aamil

  27. ntombi says:

    i was helped by incredible happenings church(mboro)products, they are the best. at long last i don’t experience such nonsense

  28. Ayanda says:

    I’m sorry to say this wena ohleka lo mndeni,ngoba uhluphekile,uxakekile,usezinhlungwini uhlekisa ngawo,be kungcono uthule if you don’t knw ufuna ukuthini Kodwa mhla kwenzeka enganeni yakho,uyobuzwa lobuhlungu uyolibona lelihlaya othi uyalenza isondo liyajika mana wami isemhlabeni la we tsepo

  29. Piet maotwana says:

    Tokoloshe:pm also suffering frm a gay demon… takes all my sex energy away……i hv been praying for yrs now,bt m still tormented

  30. Grace says:

    People will never understand spiritual things, or they understand but they are just trying to make it sounds as a nonsense since they know that , really these things happen. People are really suffering. I say to that family , they must really pray and dedicate themselve to God wih all their hearts and souls. Meaning that , they must throw away all the traditional medicines or whatever they use at their home as a protection from these evil spirits. Only prayers will help. Evil spirits are there guyz ningahlekisi ngengxaki zabanye abantu.I am saved and serving God with all my might. I am a growing prophet so I know these stories are true.

  31. HH says:

    It’s painful if someone need help in the other side people are making funny with that, I think if into ingakenzeki kuwena you don’t believe wokholwa sekwenzeka kuwena things like these happens in nowdays, it’s either he must pray or get a healer to help in that situation

  32. Gqudulensimbi says:

    When an african talks about evil spirits haunting them that becomes a joke and are perceived as being insane. Africans believes the evil spirits depicted or potrayed in horror movies even though its not their invention or creation. Now this begs a question when are we, as africans , de-colonising the mind.If there was a white person involed in the scenario a lot of these people who refuses to believe what is written in the article would have agreed that in deed this Tokoloshe is making the white man’s life difficult. Senditshilo!!!

  33. Xolisile Langa says:

    Themba yo u an idoid stupid man why Wente ijoke ngentfo lenje lentfo ilivili batse longamsita wena uva tiyobisitakho

  34. Robert says:

    Hi i see a man wena me and my wife haveing sex i do not know what us it

  35. PORTIA says:

    You already spend a lot of money why don’t you try to go to Nigeria to Emmanual church of synagogue . He helped so many people about these evil things

  36. snob says:

    isiZulu sithi ” kuhleka ngisho kufiwe” so please stop being melodramatic about this if shit is funny its funny your very much excused if you lack sense of humor
    South Africans and Nigerian pastors no wonder we will never see light if a mere man can pray and drive this away so can you. I suspect the guy is gay and do not want to admit hence his blaming the creature 15years is a lot why not relocate if he is not enjoying phela everyday is too much for a normal man

    cartoon is funny though

  37. Those who are laughing are idiots they know nothing about human's life they themselves are possesed n imfluenced by evil spirits thts y they are laughing says:

    Those who laughs are idiots n being controlled by evil themselves they are owned by tikoloshes..they know nothing about life they serve satan they also need to be saved

  38. THAPELO PRAYER says:


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