Thabo Mbeki’s Mother Dies as Zuma is Admitted to Hospital

It is a bad weekend in South Africa. As the nation mourns the death of the mother of former president, Thabo Mbeki, the serving president, Jacob Zuma, was admitted to hospital on Saturday. It started with the news that Epainette Mbeki had been admitted to a private hospital in East London in the Eastern Cape during the week where, according to one of her sons, Moeletsi Mbeki, the doctors and staff at the hospital had done well to help improve her condition, which was reported... Read more »
by Oliver Ngwenya | Published 7 years ago

By Robert Wiggill On Friday, May 16th, 2014

Break for Shrien Dewani Whilst He Undergoes Psychiatric Evaluation

Shrien Dewani will not appear in court again until the 20th of May, as he has been declared unfit to stand trial for psychiatric reasons. Shrien Dewani (34) has been accused of murdering his Swiss wife, Anni, w... Read more »