The Good Man Actor Dies In An N2 Accident

By Oliver Ngwenya    03-Dec-2014 05:30 UTC+02:00 1
Thabang Sidloyi who acted in the Good Man died in a traffic accident just outside Cape Town. Image: Maroela Media.

Thabang Sidloyi who acted in the Good Man died in a traffic accident just outside Cape Town. Image: Maroela Media.

The emphasis of the traffic police and all those involved in traffic accident awareness came rudely to the fore when the talented actor and singer, Thabang Sidloyi, was seen on social media being slung from a speeding auto mobile in an accident that has horrified several members of the public.

In a video that was caught on dashcam, an inbuilt camera in some car models, the actor who was travelling in a BMW convertible, is seen being thrown out of the car to his death after the car in which they were travelling, which was being driven by a friend of his, is seen colliding against a concrete wall resulting in Sidloyi being thrown out. The video was uploaded by the driver of the car which took the video, Alex Williamson onto YouTube. This clearly shows the importance of wearing safety belts at all times.

In addition, the dashcam shows that the car, which was travelling at a very high speed, had awkwardly overtaken another car from the left and that is when the driver lost control of the car and crashed it into the wall barrier. The accident happened on the N2 going out of Cape Town. According to the Cape Town Metro Police, there were three other people in the car with Sidloyi when the accident happened. They further announced that three injuries were reported at the time of the accident and this includes the driver as well as Sidloyi. The driver of another car that was close by is also said to have been injured.

Thabang Sidloyi is well known for his role in an Irish/ South African movie, The Good Man, in which he played the role of Sifiso, teenager living in Cape Town. He stars alongside Michael who was played by Aidan Gillen. He has also been involved in singing. Some of his friend took to social media to express their sadness at his passing. What can be read from the messages from the social media shows that Thabang was a talented and kind hearted singer and actor who took a lot of up and coming entertainers under his wing and helped them.


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