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How do I stay updated on market news and economic events that can impact my trades?

By Biance Baker    07-Nov-2023 18:08 UTC+02:00

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash.

The Essential Guide to Staying Up-to-Date on Market News and Economic Events

Staying up-to-date on forex market news and economic events is crucial for forex traders and investors. It can make the difference between a successful trade and a loss. The forex market is highly sensitive to economic data and news, as currency values are influenced by a wide range of factors. Here’s an essential guide to help you stay informed:

Use Reputable News Sources

Start by subscribing to reputable news sources like Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Times, MoneyWeb, BusinessLive, and MarketWatch. These outlets provide comprehensive coverage of global economic and financial developments. Spend some time every day catching up on current events.

Forex News Websites

There are websites dedicated to forex news and analysis. Forex-specific sources like FxScouts offer regular updates, charts, and expert analysis.

Economic Calendars

Economic calendars are essential tools for forex traders. They list upcoming economic events, releases, and data. Most top-rated forex websites provide detailed economic calendars with event descriptions, forecasted and actual results, and their impact on the market. You get a general Economic Calendar and then a more currency-centric Forex Calendar that specialises in events specific to forex.

News Aggregators

Consider using news aggregator apps or websites like Flipboard or Feedly. These tools allow you to customise your news feed by selecting specific topics, including finance and economics.

Social Media and Forums

Follow forex-related accounts on social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, and Facebook, where traders and analysts often share insights and breaking news. Be cautious and verify information from multiple sources before acting on it. You can’t believe everything you read on social media.

Mobile Apps

Many news organisations and trading platforms offer mobile apps. These apps provide real-time updates, alerts, and market information that you can access on the go. Make sure to set your settings so that you receive only relevant notifications, and be selective of your sources.

Forex Brokers’ Platforms

Most forex brokers provide news feeds and research tools within their trading platforms. These resources often include analysis, market commentary, and economic calendars. Make sure to sign on with a broker that provides excellent support.

Podcasts and Webinars

Consider listening to forex-related podcasts and webinars. They often feature expert guests who provide insights and analysis on market trends and economic events. Listen to them while you have some free-time or you are stuck in traffic.

Forex Forums and Communities

Join forex forums or online communities where traders share news and discuss market events. Websites like Forex Factory and Forex Forum host active forums.

Government Websites

Keep an eye on government websites and central bank announcements. These often contain official economic data and policy decisions that can significantly impact the forex market.

Institutional Research

Some financial institutions and investment banks offer research reports and market analysis. Although these might be tailored to institutional clients, you can often find valuable insights in their reports.

It is important to stay informed through forex market news, but avoid overtrading due to news-induced emotions. Develop a trading strategy and stick to it, only adjusting your positions based on well-thought-out decisions.

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