How to Block Automated Calls and Text Messages that are Harassing You

By Staff Writer    08-Dec-2023 20:13 UTC+02:00 1

Changing a cellphone number, especially one that you have used for a long time, is something that most of us are not happy to do. However, there are times when it seems like the only choice, for example when one is being harassed by unwanted calls and messages, which can come from many various sources e.g. marketers, debt collectors, scammers, etc. Before changing your number due to annoying calls and text messages, it may be worth exploring the options discussed in this article.

In the past few weeks I nearly changed my 20-year-old cellphone number after some debt collectors, whom I had told to go ahead and take legal action against me since I no longer needed or used the service they were asking me to pay for, decided to bombard me with text messages every day in an attempt to harass me into paying for the service. In addition to the messages, I would receive one or two automated calls every single day, which was really annoying. Each message and call came from a new number, which made it difficult to block them while allowing other people to contact me. I then did some research on the best free/cheap call and text blocking apps for android, which led me to two lightweight apps that you may find useful if faced with the situation I was in. These apps* are Calls Blacklist and Key Messages.

Calls Blacklist is able to block both calls and text messages. However, the app has some shortcomings. For example, the current version (3.3.6, both Free and Pro), does not automatically delete blocked messages. It simply hides and lists them under the log tab, which is not very helpful since you still have to spend time deleting them manually. The app is therefore more suitable for blocking calls, which it does very well, allowing the user to easily stop spam callers, including those who keep changing the last digits of their numbers to bypass call blockers.

For text messages, which are more difficult to block, it is best to use a different app. After trying different text blocking apps, I found Key Messages (Premium version) to be perfect for my needs. The free version of the app works like Calls Blacklist, which simply hides messages. The premium version, on the other hand, provides two options that I was looking for, which are not available in my phone’s default messaging app: blocking a message by keyword and automatically deleting it instantly. After purchasing the app and activating these features, I haven’t had to deal with any unwanted message in more than a week, which is a huge relief.

For those whose numbers have landed in the wrong hands, call/sms blocking apps are a must-have. If there are any such apps that you have used in the past and found useful, feel free to provide their details in the comments.

*This article is not sponsored by the developers of the apps.


  1. Dave says:

    I just used Key Messages to block Hahn Collections, who have been harassing me for an unpaid TV licence. So far so good.

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