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Ideal Jobs for Every Construction Lover

By Steve Conway    22-Mar-2019 17:41 UTC+02:00

Construction is something that people can fall in love with for a range of different reasons. For some, it’s about being able to practically take something from a vision to a tangible structure, while for others, it may be because they happen to be quite hands on.

Irrespective of the reason, there are numerous careers that can be pursued if you’re passionate about the world of construction. In the below article you’re going to find a list of ideal jobs that every construction lover should find appealing.


If you’d rather go into the business side of construction, then consider becoming a distributor. By deciding to follow this path, you’d be able to provide individuals or companies with materials they need to complete construction projects.

Here is how you could go about doing this if it’s something that sounds interesting to you.

Choose Your Products: There are many construction items you could sell, so the first step is narrowing down the list. Some of the best-selling items include glass, paint, wood, steel, metal and roofing materials to mention a few. Find out which have the highest demand in the area you’ll be selling in, and see how you can source the materials at an affordable wholesale rate.

Set Prices: Once you’ve done all of your research and been able to track down some quality vendors, it’s time to set the prices for your products. This is one of the most important steps to take as you don’t want to overprice or underprice your products.

Research to see what the average rate for your materials is as well as what your prospective customers are willing to pay. Ultimately, be sure you’re making a profit from each sale and aren’t at a loss.

Decide on How You’ll Distribute: After finishing all the groundwork, you should be ready to begin distributing your materials. However, you need to think about what channels you’re going to use to do this and which are most suitable for your target customers. You may decide you want to focus on distributing online and open up an e-commerce site as a result.

Civil Engineer

One job that you may enjoy as a construction lover is becoming a civil engineer. As this type of professional, you’d get to be one of the masterminds behind constructing one of the may structures you see on a daily basis. Civil engineers are usually responsible for planning and designing, roads, railways, power plants and irrigation projects, for example.

To become a civil engineer, start by getting an undergraduate degree in either civil engineering or in a closely related field. During your course, you’re likely to learn subjects such as math engineering, statistics, and architectural design. Once you’ve completed your undergrad, you should check out Michigan Tech’s online civil engineering program for further education in the industry, improving your knowledge.

You should note that the certification required to become a civil engineer varies depending on where in the world you are. Research to find out which ones you’ll need and how long it will take to acquire them.

Construction Manager

Every construction project needs management to ensure that the job is carried out effectively. This would be where a management consultant or project manager steps in to help coordinate everything. If you have strong management skills relevant construction knowledge, then consider going down this particular route instead.

To become a construction manager, you’ll need a foundation degree as well as a significant amount of industry-related experience. You could also decide to become a management consultant for which you’ll need a high level of business acumen which you can get through a degree in business or related fields.


For those who are ambitious and have the necessary skills, you could explore the option of starting your own construction business. This is going to require a significant level of commitment and persistence to start as well as sustain. You’re also going to have to think about how to raise capital to start your business as you’ll need enough depending on the business model you choose.

You’ll need to get licensed, bonded and insured to make sure you have the legal covering you need too. Developing a health and safety plan is also a must as there is the risk of employees or contractors getting injured.


For those who would rather deal with the initial stages of structural construction projects which include conceptualization and design, consider becoming an architect. Architects are behind some of your favorite structures and could earn anywhere between £32,000 and £45,000depending on your experience.

To become an architect, get ready to go through an undergraduate degree in architecture, and be sure the degree you get is recognized by the Architects Registration Board. There, you’ll be learning about structural engineering, construction, building materials and much more.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll also be required to have at least two years of professional experience as a trainee architect so that you have practical knowledge as well.


If you’d rather focus on a job that’s more hands-on, then you could be a laborer in the world of construction. They are the people that make all of the magic happen and execute the vision of architects and engineers. This is an ideal role to take up if you happen to be interest in physical exertion.

The good thing about becoming a laborer is that there are so many different positions that need to be filled. For instance, you could become a plumber and help install piping, drainage systems, or water fixtures on construction sites. There is also the need for electricians who install wiring, control lighting systems and help maintain electrical systems too.

In terms of education and training, you may need to get formal training as well as licensed or qualified to do certain jobs. It’s best that you find out what the requirements are in your area, so you know you’re practicing legally.

There is a world of opportunity out there for construction lovers, so be ready to go out there and get it. Beyond the jobs mentioned here, there are so many others that you can do which will allow you to satisfy your love for construction and make a difference in that space.

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