iPhone 5 being launched on September 12th

By The Editor    08-Sep-2012 18:46 UTC+02:00

If you’re a big Apple fan, then it’s likely that you already know that there’s a very important day coming up – September 12th, the day that the iPhone 5 will be formally announced, and presumably launched. With many rumoured features, it’s going to ensure that Apple maintain their reputation as one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the market.

One of the big changes is its size. The iPhone 4S has a great Retina Display screen, but the reality is that in comparison to the sizeable handsets other manufacturers are putting out, it’s a little small for gaming, reading emails or checking out party poker. So a bigger screen, while still smaller than the formidable (but oh-so enjoyably) size of the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Note.

It’s also worth noting its case design – the two-tone look of what is still currently only the rumoured casing for the iPhone 5 looks absolutely fantastic, and very stylish. Hopefully the screen is a little more resilient this time given the amount of smashed iPhone screens you see on a regular basis. Also, its casing should ideally not affect the phone’s signal when held in the traditional manner by left-handed people – but hopefully this will be a no-brainer.

Lastly, what major improvements will it have? Better specs, a bigger screen, a new case, but what else? Better battery life would be a major improvement, as the iPhone series has, thus far, had terrible battery life. It gets even worse when you compare it to the impressive long-lasting Macbooks and iPads out on the market, so that would be the biggest improvement to appear on the 12th. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and theorise, then rush to the nearest online or offline store and order our new iPhones.

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