Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman Fires Back Over Nzimande Visa

By Oliver Ngwenya    25-Apr-2015 08:38 UTC+02:00 24
Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande who was denied a visa to visit Israel. Image: Gallo Images

The SACP was outraged when its leader, Blade Nzimande, who is also the Minister of Higher Education and Training, was denied a visa to visit Israel.
Image: Gallo Images

The Israeli government on Friday reacted to the South African Communist Party’s (SACP) statement in which it said it would further intensify its campaign against the Israelis after they denied their leader a visa to visit that country. The furore started when Bonginkosi Emmanuel Nzimande, better known as Blade, was denied a visa to visit Israel in the Palestinian Territories. According to the ministry, the purpose of the visit, which comprised the minister and three officials, was for Nzimande to meet with his Israel counterpart and for the two ministers to discuss an implementation plan for the signed agreement and to encourage further academic collaboration among their various academics‚ students and research communities. The visa was apparently denied without a documented explanation but a verbal reason was that the Minister had criticized the Israeli government.

When the visa was denied, literally all hell broke loose and the party issued a statement in which it stated that it was outraged at the decision to deny their leader a visa. Nzimande himself called for what he termed an academic boycott of Israel. In his response to the denial of the visa, the leader of the Communist Party said “The despotic decision by the Israeli government is a declaration of diplomatic aggression on our government. The SACP calls on our government to reciprocate and reject Israeli requests for visits to South Africa.” In addition, Nzimande said that he and his party would continue to call for a boycott, and campaign for sanctions against Israel. Following the action taken by the University of Johannesburg, which had reportedly severed its ties to Israel, Nzimande also said he would encourage the country’s other tertiary institutions “to review and cut their ties with Israeli institutions until Israel fulfils its obligation under international law recognising the borders‚ based on the lines of June 1967‚ with East Jerusalem as its capital”.

In response to these statements made by the SACP, the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman fired a salvo of words as he said the party was being hypocritical by attacking his government, which he said was a glorious democracy. He further argued that South Africa was getting known as a country where there were issues of violence and racism, adding that: “It was only a few days ago when a violent, racist and harsh attack was directed against immigrants in Johannesburg. During these riots, the South African police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades against other immigrants from neighboring African countries. We all remember the mass killings carried out by the South African police at the Platinum Mine three years ago.” In an apparent coup de grace, Lieberman added, “It is no surprise that the members of the Communist Party prefer the Palestinians to Israel,” calling it “a case of like attracts like.”


  1. South African says:

    Lieberman, physics has proved that likes repel each other. It’s opposites that attract.

  2. Nick says:

    All our esteemed leaders in SA think that when they demand something everyone in the world has to jump to attention and give them what they want-Well, maybe this is a wake up call-Well done Israel!

  3. montlasky says:

    Well said Lieberman. He could have called Blade a Spade with all the garbage that he exudes. Maybe calling him a shovel would have been more appropriate !

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOTO R

  5. beryl says:

    Being south african wise make good descision.

  6. Skull says:

    Well done Israel show this Blade and his cadres what a bunch of A Holes they really are 🙂

  7. Fellow Keybord Warrior says:

    Boom in your face Blade. Whahahahahahaha

  8. MAC DONALD says:

    discioun was. gud

  9. Bob says:

    Cry us a river Blade – this is how people and nations react when you align yourself and your ANC cronies with those who are avowed to wipe Israel of the face of the earth – live with it sunshine and stop moaning!! PS come home and sort out your ANC and tribally fuelled “new and improved” version of apartheid in South Africa

  10. Andrea Joubert says:

    “academic boycott of Israel.” So, is this how the cooky crumble. Israel is no-ones fool, remember that.

    • cybermoggy says:

      Our universities and academic institutations pale next to those of Israel. We can as you indicate benefit greatly from Israel. The New ANC is supervising the downfall of all that is worthwhile in South Africa.

      • Andrea Joubert says:

        The sad part is that the ANC does not know what they don’t know. Their light is darkness and dark will it stay.

  11. Dave says:

    Who cares about South Africa. This country will dry and die without Israeli medicine and technology. Go back tk your banana trees.

  12. Dave says:

    The source of aids and worst diseases is Africa who cares about you. Go f–k yourself and leave us alone. Don’t forget to eat a banana it keeps your teeth white

  13. Responder says:

    Dave South Africa doesn’t need anything from Israel. You are the ones who need to go f-k yourselves.

  14. Hoepla says:

    Well blade, your reaction to their refusal is precisely why they refused you entry in the first place. Your lack of understanding of diplomacy and inability to act in a cool and calm manner leads you to respond violently which is typical for you and your communist cadres.You will learn that you cannot badmouth a country and then expect them to cooperate with you when it suits you to do so.

  15. Umkondo says:

    SA needs Israel far more than Israel needs SA. Nzimande simply doesn’t get it.

  16. Mahomed Saleem Moorad says:

    highest IQ? according to whom? the Zionists themselves?

  17. cybermoggy says:

    Tut, Tut, Mr. Nzimande, you shouldn’t take things so personally when others react to your unfounded statements. You are an embarrassment to South Africa and you should avoid opening your mouth to change feet. As South Africans we should all be ashamed at the slow pace which the New ANC exhibited in dealing with the murderous actions by our citizens against our fellow African brothers and sisters. King Goodwill (was that ever an inappropriate name) Zwelitini should be arrested and tried for sedition and hate speech.

  18. Your Name... says:

    Just all continue the good work: BDO

    and get this disgrace of a Nazi country on its knees. And the call themselves a democracy??

  19. Wille says:

    BTW I forgot to put in my neme. Just in case the well paid special writers from Israel have some more lies to tell!

  20. Stephen Connor says:

    That’s rich when Avigdor Lieberman, an overt Kahanist, has the stones to call someone racist in public.

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