Jan van Riebeeck Statement Lands Zuma in Hot Soup

By Oliver Ngwenya    17-Jan-2015 08:44 UTC+02:00 51
Zuma in trouble for his Jan van Riebeeck statement. Image: Timeslive.

Zuma in trouble for his Jan van Riebeeck statement.
Image: Timeslive.

In a development that has got the ANC ducking and diving, the opposition Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) has laid a complaint against President Jacob Zuma, accusing him of hate speech, it has been confirmed. According to the South African Human Rights Commission, the FF Plus has complained that what Jacob Zuma said in a statement attributed to him is not only historically incorrect but was also hate speech which sought to portray all other non-black South Africans as not being indigenous to South Africa.

The problem seems to have emanated from a speech that was made by Zuma at an ANC fundraising rally last Friday when he said: “All the trouble began in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck landed in the Cape”. In the view of the FF Plus, the statement generalised negatively about the descendants of Jan van Riebeeck and white people in particular, and that the statement demonised Afrikaners based on an incorrect historical view, this was confirmed by the South African Human Rights Commission spokesperson, Isaac Mangena.

Confirming the charge they had laid against Jacob Zuma, the FF Plus spokesperson, Anton Alberts said that his party had felt compelled to lay the charge against Zuma because he had “referred to whites and wherever whites engaged with black people, they engaged in aggressive acts and warfare and displacement of black people”. He said that this could easily be construed as hate speech which sought to demonise the descendants of Jan van Riebeeck, adding that this was based on an incorrect historical fact.

According to spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, the South African Human Rights Commission was in the process of trying to assess the complaint and to see if it has a mandate to pursue it. He added, however that it was not clear how long this process would take and would not be drawn into commenting on what the FF Plus course of action would be if SAHRC could not help them.

While Mac Maharaj of the Presidency would not comment on the matter, pointing rather to the party organs as the speech is reported to have been made at an ANC event, the ANC publicity crew could not be reached for comment.


  1. Ryan says:

    What is new. This moron will continue to spew utter rubbish up to the end.

  2. soon to be ex_SA_bloke says:

    … and only whites can be racist? I think not, this individual is the most racist of all, no one nobody respect him or his party after these blatant racist remarks, yet again.

  3. Mariette Troxler says:

    And he is being taken task for his comments about women. What possessed the ANC to stick with this freak?

  4. falakhe ndlela says:

    It all began there should we nw b afraid to point where our problems hv begun when our people were called refugees in cape wher was ff+ and thier. Hate speech comments its our time now infact zuma should hv commentd more than what he dis

  5. Sumerie says:

    Not to worry mnr Zuma, you are the President…. :O

  6. DangerDog says:

    So what about the carnage that ensued when the Zulus pitched up in South Africa?

  7. Africa The dark Continent says:

    The most glaring historical inaccuracy in all these arguments is that blacks owned “South Africa” before the whites came!!! There was NO SUCH place as South Africa, no borders, no concept of a country, no government, nothing, just various groups speaking different languages scattered around a vast landscape at full on war with each other, butchering each other at every chance. So the concept that whites stole South Africa is absolute rubbish!!

  8. Theunis Pretorius says:

    With this speech JZ confirmed his viewpoint towards whites. Does this reflect the viewpoint of the ANC? Is this why farm attacks are of such low priority to government? Mr Zuma how do you value the lifes of us whites? Did you finally reveal your true nature?

  9. oppressed white says:

    our president needs too be educated, and understand that his people are not natives too this country his from the ingonni tribe form central Africa

  10. Mike Watkins says:

    those racists and incompetents,Comrades Blade Nzimande of the SACP and Tony Ehrenreich of COSATU; Must have puked out that part of SA’s illiterate clown king’s speech?

  11. mark says:

    Zuma and his government are no more than a bunch of racists and bigots. By blaming ‘whites’ for South Africa’s serious problems is just a tactic to divert attention away from the ’embedded’ corruption and theft of hundreds of billions of state funds by his family, friends and comrades.

  12. Ngwest says:

    I find that this issue is being over sensitized. I feel that issues that are being vented here should be raised at the right fora. This is just about Zuma making a statement that was construed by someone else as being racist. Thi does not mean that it was racist! Guys, please avoid racism, it is a dangerous phenomenon.

  13. Bob says:

    Its actually hot water you land in when behaving so recklessly, not soup, but nevertheless Mr Zuma, as our President, you must answer to our laws and Constitution and apologise to South Africans of all race, colour or creed for your premeditated malicious racism and contrived hate speech against whites, coloureds and indians and others you feel “arrived” and started “the problem” – hiding behind your intentionally inflammatory utterances made under the so-called privacy of an “ANC Event” does not wash and is disingenuous to every citizen to the nth degree! Stand up and be counted Mr President!

  14. vegetables&glass says:

    Nice white man spectacles zuma, nice white man suit too. Zuma is very attached to the ways of whites, look at actions not words. He loves his german made cars and white man helicopters too much. Zuma is using lies to make sure anc is in power “til jesus comes”.

    • 3007 says:

      No….no…no….you not in the class of those supposed to be superior whites. What whites are you talking about. Name me the whites you have in mind and i’ll make you a stand up comedian.

  15. Julius says:

    Who is this Jan van Riebeeck…We must remove this bloody agent…

  16. Jimmy says:

    Water off a ducks back. Old butternut head is untouchable!

  17. Khunoana Harry Tswago says:

    Africans (including the San people) must reclaim Africa, she belongs to us. AT LAST MR PRESIDENT ZUMA CAN SEE THE LIGHT, definitely not an oncoming train, I hope he will do something about this. CAPE PROVINCE MUST NEVER BE TURNED INTO SOME EXTENDED PROVINCE OF HOLLAND/EUROPE. AMEN! If don’t like it go back home.

  18. Jannie says:

    These racist trolls needs to fckoff. Oh wait. I am white. Then you are in the wrong. But the black he can say what he wants. Khunoana. Be careful how you walk on this land that is “yours”. Us whites will fight back.

  19. 3007 says:

    When Van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape he gave the inhabitants a choice. The big box or the small box, they had a choice. They chose the big box and found it to contain picks and shovels and ever since its been like that. Being the SKELM Van Riebeeck was, he soon put the small box with the brains to use and tricked the Khoi-San from their belongings.When Zuma appears it’s always a double header. And would you believe it, Van Riebeeck came back reincarnated as Zuma.That is why he Van Riebeeck/Zuma wants the Western Cape back.

    • Africa The dark Continent says:

      At least whites gave the inhabitants a choice of boxes, along with jobs, when the bantu arrived they just butchered the inhabitants where they stood, including women and children. The inhabitants were NOT bantu they where in fact Khiosan, Hottentot and Bushman.

  20. Mbutu Mbutu says:

    Surely the origins of apartheid and abuse of blacks can be traced to Van Riebeck!All ANC evils put together can not be equated to the evils of apartheid OR used to justify the colonialists who used superior power/weapons to dispose blacks of their land and governance system.No matter how barbaric u persevere it was a form of gorvance and in its polished form it still works for successful countries like Dubai.white history portrays blacks has being savages until the gift of white man colonialism and FORGETS to tell us about how barbaric their ancestors were during the dark/middle ages and where roman rulers will throw people into lion dens for entertainment

    • ThatsthePoint says:

      Difference is Europe and civilization moved on, but you still stuck at the start line.Dubai incidentally is completely bankrupt, it was rescued by Abu Dhabi !!!You should visit Dubai, see racism at its finest, not to mention discrimination of the sexes. You spew so much uneducated rubbish and what is worse is you actually believe it. You are the perfect example of our failed education system. Read up on this………………Abu Dhabi extends $20bn Dubai bailout loan by five years …

    • ThatsthePoint says:

      Dubai incidentally is completely bankrupt, it was rescued by Abu Dhabi !!!You should visit Dubai, see racism at its finest, not to mention discrimination of the sexes. You spew so much uneducated rubbish and what is worse is you actually believe it. You are the perfect example of our failed education system. Read up on this………………Abu Dhabi extends $20bn Dubai bailout loan by five years

    • OldRedNed says:

      Yep, the White colonial ancestors were barbaric by present day (European) standards. But they learned, they advanced, they invented almost all the items you use every day, including the computer you are using. Now, just look around and list your contributions to the human race. Yes, it’s rather embarrassing, isn’t it. There is nothing the African can point to with pride and proclaim ‘We did that – we made a positive contribution that advanced humanity’. And so, sadly, the African develops a deep self-loathing and reverts to the well understood psychological defence of projection or ‘blaming others’ and using the all-embracing accusation of “Racist”.

    • Dilly Filly says:

      And Sadly just like Zuma you have opened your mouth only to put your foot firmly in it. But let’s take a look at your statement….Evils of the ANC indeed, tell me which government provided the infrastructure that is now falling apart? Which government built the universities that are now “educating” your people – eh that is what I think they call student strikes, threats to professors and burning of book these days. Which government built the dams and yes even the power stations?The use of weapons more superior… they were only more superior because the Europeans and colonials did not sit on their asses for umteen generations, playing with knob kierries while covering themselves in loin cloths. The Europeans reasoned, developed, tested, tried things, failed, tried again and again until they got something working. As for black governance… show me one country in Africa that has an economy as diverse as ours? That has a decent education system where colonials did not provide the root system… Just one! And Nigeria does not count as most of their trade centered around slave trade – for America. Whenever Africa is in trouble they expect the World to bail them out, to feed them, to provide medication and care…. Why is that? Africa is the supposed cradle of mankind…It should be ahead, why is it that with the governance it has that the countries are so poor… Oh, wait, it is your culture, the chief gets to take what he wants and does what he wants – even trade his people as slaves – and you will worship him, believing every word that falls from his mouth.Eish, I think you had better go back to school because Dubai is not a country, it is a city in the United Arab Emirates of which Abu Dhabi is the capital.And the Romans were not the first to put men in lion cages, go read the Bible there is a tale of Daniel being thrown to the lions… in Egypt, which just kinda by the way is in Africa.This country only developed because the settlers arrived here. That is a FACT!

      • Confidento. says:

        Have they ever created a single city in the world? Germany who was raised to the ground after the Second World War turned their country into the Economic Wonder it is today? The Afrikaner has strong origin roots to the Germans. So how could they turn their country around? Here ,majority is in control by 10 to 1 and not one finger is pointed to the whites for blame, but all ten.

        • Dilly Filly says:

          A very valid point, even in Nigeria most of the cities buildings are only a story or two high… they haven’t grasped what engineers actually do, or how to plan and construct a building, a road, a power station or for that fact a dam.Germany was rebuilt three times actually, the first was after the tribal wars between Charles the Great and the inhabitants of Saxony (today the upper part of Germany other side the Rhine river) The second was after WWI, which Germany only got involved with because one of her alliance countries came under attack. then WW2 but that was Hitler’s doing. Few realize the true poverty Germans suffered during those years, with little to eat. People would work the whole day for a chicken or a few eggs, just to eat.Today Germany is the backbone of the European economy – much like South Africa used to be for Africa. But with imminent rolling blackouts (because Eskom got rid of the engineers), strike season and a government bloated on KFC, who lives to DENY EVERYTHING, and too entrenched in the AFRICAN CULTURE of sit on your ass and do as little as possible, this county is not just slipping backward, it’s hurtling there.Here they have never suffered, never had an entire country suffer under such circumstance – where there is simply not enough food for anyone and they have to rebuild a country – and it was the women who rebuilt the country, swept the streets and worked in the factories, their husbands and sons slain.No one blamed anyone, they put their heads down and worked, but then work is a word an African is petrified of, They believe that it is their right and entitlement: just like those invading the homes of Europeans, claiming that it is now theirs.Fact is, yes, apartheid is to blame, colonialism is to blame… Because we showed them what prosperity looks like. We showed them what could happen if everyone worked together for a common goal.They saw the life they never could have had under the rules of their chiefs – who only take for themselves…. Mugabe is an excellent example there: he has oversees bank accounts bulging with money, yet his people must pay for his party: people who don’t have jobs, and those who do don’t have enough money to even put food on the table. And just like Zuma he still blames the colonist for everything, and the West for imposing sanctions.Sadly, Apartheid will remain to blame, colonialism will remain to blame, because they cannot do it – because let’s face it the whites had to use some sinister force (aka intelligence and hard work) to make it happen.I could go on all day, but the fact is and remains: They will never learn.

    • Chuck says:

      is that really your face? if so don’t comment, just smile, you will achieve more.

    • stompi3 says:

      that was then, this is now. the difference is you must work like the rest of us to get to where we are. sitting around and blaming others for your choices in life will get you no where. i agree there are still some asshole white people out there and still some asshole black people out there but, they are a disgrace to the human race and need to stop there shit. but if we all just did things for each other without expecting anything in return, what goes around comes around. Do what you love and love what you do, and then you will find your passion and something you are good at, and just go with that 🙂 sure some of you have had not a blessed childhood with everything that others have, but we are all boring to the world naked and with nothing material, and we die the same why. every thing else in-between is just material to fill the space, when all we need is love for one another and lets help this country Grow to be an international super power

    • stompi3 says:

      we cant undo the past but we can forgive and move on

  21. lol@hard says:

    Well the old apartheid excuses have run out now we move into mad Bob’s territory of examining the colonialist. And they said sa couldn’t go the same way as zim. Hahahahahahaha.

  22. ThatsthePoint says:

    I think that it was Homo Sapiens that are really to blame when they forced the Neanderthals into extinction.(or maybe not, looking at this lot)How far back do we really want to go?

  23. Funsa says:

    It is again clear that Zuma is only the president of a certain section of SA citizens.He certainly is not my president.Zuma also confirms that we are NOT one nation and will never be.

  24. Mpho Mmbengwa says:

    Zuma now you are taking us to another war , your anc failed us as blacks now you want to create civil war ,I do not hate white we all people , look at other African countries war all over

  25. Anonymous says:

    Stupid president is causing division now.

  26. bhp@bhp says:

    Instead of blaming and accusing us, why don’t you start joining us together for a better South Africa. J.Z.

  27. Thabatha says:

    Ok now we must not talk the truth because we are going to cause the war! That is the truth and nothing but the truth,it has to be told. If the truth can cause the war so be it. Africa had no borders therefore your stupid claim that SA belongs only to the San people are unfounded. You destroyed the San people by destroying their culture and their language.

  28. simon says:

    Mr Prez thank you very much for you have seen the light,yes oppression of us blacks by whites began during this “jan van what,what guy.” Till this date cape town has remaind the place of white monopoly where race and coloure of skin determines your future.But we cant keep shifting the blame for we have no time for that game,for you and your party are the worse oppressors of note.if you were not you not need escape from your very own parliament or we would not have seen the chaotic sceens we witnessed in parliament last year.So plz dont act dumb and preatend to be fooling us here,insted fix the damage couse by whites and your so called party.

  29. Gugu says:

    Karma doesn’t discriminate. When all this former whites presidents said those racist speech I didn’t see any white person comment. The true of a matter is that a white person will NEVER accept a black person and that is a reality we deal with on a daily basis. If you can’t handle the heat maybe it’s time to go back where you originate.

  30. sniper six says:

    Muzansi is originaly for black people every one knows that it’s only a mater of time before the sons of the soil completely takes back full control of the mother land call me racist if it makes u fill originaly African amandla!!!!!!

  31. anonymous says:

    What belongs to kesaru must must come back to kesaru

  32. deez says:

    Enough is enough…where is the equal wrights…im a damn proud coloured..the white man stole..but not as much like now…our country is corrupt…and is so sad the the whites and the coloureds arer been treated…This country belongs to us!!!!!!!

  33. deez says:

    Next time let the ur people write ur letter down for a speach..God must help u for what u doing to us Mr.president…u need to go back to school..it’s time we need to speak up coloureds and whites..my grandma is a white woman..go and read a history book..but I understand u never went to school…so how can u know these things…I will keep u in,my prayers..

  34. Thabatha says:

    @deez,I am glad that you regard yourself as coloured,therefore you are the niece, of both black and white, keep quiet. The people who must talk are either black ( including the San) and white.

  35. 3007 says:

    Double Header to-night. Zuma appearing as the stand-up comedian.

  36. SaMondli says:

    It seems that Zuma has given you lot a chance to vent out your racist vitreole. Why don’t you deal with whatever issues you have with race and not use such fora as an excuse to bad mouth a race all because of the sin of only one person?

  37. Delangozi says:

    oh please good people stop this racial wars. I think these are end of days. can’t you smell the coffee?

  38. adrian jeffryes says:

    I think it is high time that we had a Koi san president!

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