Julius Malema Discloses Plans for New Political Party in Exclusive Interview

By Ntokozo Sindane    11-Jun-2013 18:15 UTC+02:00 1
Julius Malema has plans to launch a new political party. – image - talkzimbabwe.com

Julius Malema has plans to launch a new political party. – image – talkzimbabwe.com

When Julius Malema was expelled from the African National Congress, his political aspirations did not expire. Though he has dabbled in a career in entertainment, Julius Malema is now ready to do his bit to ‘restore the dignity of black people’. According to an exclusive interview with The Star, Malema is set to launch a political party whose aim is to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

Malema is currently in consultation with his supporters to lay the foundation for the new political party. Malema wants to pioneer a policy shift that is inspired by the betterment of black South Africans.

Time away from politics has not changed what matters to Malema. The new party will strive for land to be expropriated without compensation and of course, what is most important to Malema, the nationalization of mines in South Africa. Malema thinks the people who benefited from the apartheid government in the republic must show remorse and regret.

He said: “We need a party that demands justice in this country; that will say we need the land that was taken from our people and we are not going to pay for it. A party that will say those who were victims of apartheid stand to benefit unashamedly and those who perpetuated apartheid must show remorse and behave in a manner that says they regret their conduct.”

The former ANCYL president has no intentions of merging with any other political parties, in particular the Democratic Alliance and Agang. Agang is a new kid on the political block and is led by Dr Mamphela Ramphele. Malema does not share the same views and policies as the DA and Agang.

It turns out that Malema has had aspirations to become a party leader while he was still an active member of the African National Congress. Julius Malema took the opportunity provided by the exclusive interview with The Star to express his dissatisfaction with the performance by state institutions. He said institutions such as the Hawks and SARS have misplaced loyalty to individuals and not institutions. These are the agencies responsible for probing into how Malema acquired his assets and recovering amounts that he owes in tax.


  1. Precious Malhangu says:

    For me cde Julius is too early to go that route.We know that uve been expelled from the Anc organisation but is too soon fr u to establish a new political party, don’t use that parth to redeem yoself, think abt us both elderly & youth who still admire u greatly, it will be a suicide move fr u. Hold your horses cadre, time shall come to realise your dream.. Amaaaandla

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