Justice At Last for the Diepsloot Girls and Taegrin Morris?

By Oliver Ngwenya    30-Oct-2014 03:45 UTC+02:00

Taegrin Morris, who died after being dragged along his mother’s car. Image: Zobo News.

There appears to be progress in the cases that tore the hearts of many when four children were murdered in different circumstances in 2013. While the man responsible for the murder of the three children in Diepsloot has been charged with their murder and awaits sentence, the person who is suspected to have been responsible for the killing of Taegrin Morris earlier this year was also recently apprehended.

In the now popular North Gauteng High Court, Judge Nico Cortzee found Ntokozo Hadebe guilty of the murders of three children, Anelisa Mkhonto aged 5, Yonelisa Mali aged 2 and her cousin, Zandile who was three years of age. Hadebe stands accused of killing the three children in two separate incidents that happened in September and October, 2013 respectively. In September, he is said to have kidnapped and raped the five year old Mkhonto girl while the incident of the cousins which attracted a large and widespread manhunt in the sprawling township happened a month later.

According to the evidence presented at the trial, Ntokozo Hadebe is accused of raping the three children both vaginally and anally before strangling them and dumping their bodies in different places. The two girls were discovered in a public toilet while the five year old was discovered at a nearby dumping site. The accused will learn on Wednesday what his fate will be but the prosecution in the case has said that it intends to seek nine life terms for the murders of the three children.

In another high profile case, the man suspected of causing the death of young Taegrin Morris in July this year has been arrested according to a police statement released on Tuesday. The suspect is said to have approached the Morris family’s car and ordered Taegrin’s parents to get out. In the process of the hurried exit, Taegrin is said to have gotten stuck in his seat belt while the accused drove off, apparently unaware that the little boy was being dragged along. The car was discovered abandoned in Boksburg a distance of between eight and ten kilometers from Reiger Park, where the car hijacking had occurred.

The police confirmed that they had made an arrest of a thirty two year old man and that he would be appearing in court soon to face charges of murder and hijacking in Boksburg. The police also confirmed that the suspect had been positively identified by the family that had been hijacked.

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