Patriotic Alliance May not be Kenny Kunene’s Idea

By Staff Writer    30-Nov-2013 08:29 UTC+02:00 1
Patriotic Alliance Meeting in Manenberg, Cape Town. Image: Twitter.

Patriotic Alliance Meeting in Manenberg, Cape Town. Image: Twitter.

On Wednesday the news surfaced that Kenny Kunene had registered his own political party, Patriotic Alliance, set to be officially launched on Saturday in Cape Town. Due to the fact that Kenny is the one who registered the party with the IEC, we assumed that he is its founder. However, from a Twitter conversation between his business partner/friend Gayton McKenzie and his follower, it seems like Patriotic Alliance was Gayton McKenzie’s idea.

McKenzie’s follower Tankiso Tank Motsohi asked him: “Sir, are u also part of the Patriotic Alliance or is this a solo project by Kenny Kunene?” McKenzie answered: “I chased Kenny until he joined.” This could mean that Gayton McKenzie or someone else founded Patriotic Alliance. It is possible that the founders of the party thought that Kenny, being the socialite that he is, might help them to gain exposure to the public.

According to reports, the consultative processes for the formation of Patriotic Alliance started four months ago. At that time, Kenny was still a member of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Perhaps his friend wooed him out of EFF so that they could start their own party.

On Thursday, masses attended Patriotic Alliance meetings in different parts of Cape Town ahead of the party’s launch. Places where the party held meetings include Bellville South, Manenberg and Paarl. Although the existence of Patriotic Alliance only came to public attention on Wednesday, all halls where the party’s meetings were held were filled to capacity. However, no one knows whether this is a reflection of the people’s support for the party or just their curiosity on what it has to offer.

It is still unknown who will be the president of Patriotic Alliance. It is assumed that Kenny Kunene will take that position. However, according to comments on social networks, in general, members of society do not seem to take Kenny seriously as a political leader. They believe that he is better off as a businessman and entertainer. Kenny and Gayton McKenzie are expected to address the media today at Patriotic Alliance’s first press conference in Paarl.


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