Kenny Kunene Writes Open Letter to President Zuma

By Ntokozo Sindane    21-Jun-2013 11:44 UTC+02:00 18

Businessman and socialite Kenny ‘Sushi King’ Kunene has given the media quite a lot to write about this year. Earlier this year, he was seen in court supporting Oscar Pistorius in the days after the athlete shot and killed his girlfriend thinking she was a burglar. Kunene then went onto a popular television talk show and candidly spoke about his promiscuous lifestyle. On that show, he introduced a few of his current girlfriends who are proud to be part of his band of women that he adoringly calls ‘The Army’. He also went on radio and shocked presenters by saying that he used to sleep with some of his under-age schoolgirls.

Shortly after that, Kenny Kunene announced that he was seriously considering becoming South Africa’s Hugh Hefner by launching an adult entertainment empire. Kunene’s business partner Gayton McKenzie preferred not to be involved in that business move and split ways with the popular ‘Sushi King’.

On Friday, The Star published Kenny Kunene’s open letter to President Jacob Zuma. The letter is passionately written and one can appreciate that Kunene is a disgruntled supporter of the ANC. Kunene starts his letter by stating the ways that he has shown his support for the ANC throughout the years. He has donated to the ANC and made his facilities available for meetings.

Kunene made reference to the well-known story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. “When they speak to your face, Mr President, they tell you your imperial clothes are very stylish. When they talk to me, and feel they are safe from your army of spies, most of them admit that you, the emperor, have no clothes.”

The Guptas are another reason why Kunene will most likely not be voting for the ANC in the next elections. “But the extent of how much the Gupta family controls you, and by implication this country, has not even begun to be understood.” The ‘Sushi King’ accuses the president of not being loyal to the people who have supported him throughout his trials and scandals including the Shaiks and Julius Malema. He warned the Guptas that they could also experience this side of the president.

Another issue that concerns Kunene is the Free State provincial website that cost an exorbitant amount of money to develop. He wrote that Free State Premier Ace Magushule had become like Zuma in the way that he spends money. “He thinks its okay to blow R40-million (or R140-million, others say) on a website. It’s not a great website either, by the way.”

Kunene longs for the ANC of the past. He is not impressed with the ANC that has a leader who used taxpayer’s money to renovate his home into a “ridiculously overpriced palace”. Kunene is eagerly waiting for the report detailing the Public Prosecutor’s findings about ‘Nkandlagate’ but is worried that the president might find a way for that report not to see the light of day.

The president has not responded to Kenny Kunene who concluded his letter with a question. “I love the ANC, or what it’s supposed to be, but I don’t love your ANC. For those of us who care, the question now is, as Vladimir Lenin asked: “What is to be done?””


  1. sipho nkete says:

    Well everythin kenny says its true and its about time someone opened a party that the youth will follow as we all knw anc is 4 the youth but 2dae its 4the rich so how will we make a better future 4 ourselves so kenny open a party we shall vote the youth is hungry and cannot find jobs, all they can say is we want work experience witch is bullshit.SJN

  2. Alex says:

    Vote EFF.

  3. Blessing says:

    Yoh!!! Kunene o kotsi ele ka nnete!!!

  4. Terrence says:

    ha.ha dishout da news sushi king

  5. Francinah says:

    I cundnt hav said it better myself,u hav said a mouthfull Mr kunene…I too LOVE ANC but the way its going on its a disgrace 2 what Nelson Mandela fought for…

  6. zah says:

    Kenny please go eat your sushi on naked women’s body. As far as I’m concerned ur no better than the ANC ur despising, with everything u have done n said this year

  7. Sthe says:

    Kenny boi wat up wth u?

  8. Bongz says:

    SA isnt ’bout certain individuals who brag ’bout what they’ve 4 this country.U can hv all the money in the world,but this country belongs 2all who live in it.

  9. susan says:

    Kenny the truth mst be told nomakanjani.where ever he is hi might be questioning himself.

  10. Thulz says:

    Im wth u king of sushi .. Me I aint gonn vote fr bloody ANC anymore i dnt see anythng tht hs changed …ths is nt wt tatu Mandele fought fr…

  11. Reuben says:

    speak out Mr Kunene. Be our voice i think they will listen

  12. lebza says:

    Mr kunene hs spoken dispite wat his doing about hs life reallity is nided big up kenny I’m shure something is in hs mind aftr this letter

  13. anon says:

    Well said Mr.kunene,I think its time that South Africans wake up and smell the coffee and the president had what was coming to him,he has no clue what it is to lead a nation!

  14. lebogang says:

    U r so rite Mr Kunene ppl r suffering out there & Zuma is busy entertaining the guptas who does that really. Love what u did Mr Sushi.

  15. nkhesani says:

    Don’t ignore this letter mr president we want answers.

  16. frederick says:

    true mr Kunene, we going wr no1 is going. Trevor knws.

  17. Pumezar says:

    Well said kenny, this man needs people like you who will tell as it is. Its been too much, we job struggling, suffering, while he’s building himself “heaven” he must rot inhell. Its high time to demote this so called human being-an throw him into lions Cage!

  18. Givenkenny says:

    they must tell it like it is mayb thinks will be well.

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