KFC Braamfontein Closed as Management Investigates Incident of Chicken Pieces Being Washed on the Ground

By Oliver Ngwenya    10-May-2015 08:41 UTC+02:00 1
One of the photos showing staff at the Braamfontein branch of KFC hosing chickens on what looks like a dirty floor. Image: TimesLive

One of the photos showing staff at the Braamfontein branch of KFC hosing chickens on what looks like a dirty floor.
Image: TimesLive

The popular American franchise, Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC released a short statement on Friday morning in which they informed members of the public that they had closed the branch of the store which is situated in Braamfontein and were investigating the incident in which photos were taken by members of the public showing pieces of chicken being washed on the ground.

This follows photos that were published on social media which showed two employees of the KFC Braamfontein using hose pipes to wash pieces of chicken which was obviously destined to be sold to unsuspecting customers. The two pictures show large amounts of blood streaming from the chicken pieces some of which are contained in buckets while others are placed on the ground which, even from the height the photos were seemingly taken from, appears to be very dirty.

These photos were shared by Mfumo Bamazza on his Facebook page with the caption, “KFC Braamfontein comrades!!! This is how they wash your meat. On the ground!!!!!” He said that he had received the photos from an anonymous resident who had taken them from the balcony of his flat, The Clifton Heights, which is situated adjacent to the store in question. Mfumo said that he was very astounded by the photos and that before they came out, he had been an avid customer of the franchise. He added that his heart “stopped” when he saw the images. As soon as he posted them on his profile, the images had garnered more than two thousand likes. As soon as they saw the photos, the management of the franchise issued this brief statement on Twitter; “We’re aware of the incident in Braamfontein and take the preparation of our food seriously. We’re currently investigating this further.” It was reported that the branch of the KFC in Braamfontein has been closed while the investigations continue.

However, a visit by this reporter to various branches of the franchise that are situated in Johannesburg central did not reveal any seeming impact of the story which has been shared very extensively on various social media platforms. In one branch, the shop had several people and one worker said it was the usual patronage and that they had not observed any difference in the number of customers since the story broke.


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